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After years of absence from art… Details of Thana Debsi’s health

(MENAFN- Al Wakeel News) news agent- After years of absence from the art scene, the star, Salim Sabry, finally talked about some personal matters related to his living and family life, revealing that his wife, the artist, Thanaa Debsi, suffered from some health problems.

He indicated, during a media interview, that his wife, the Syrian star, is not in a good state of health, and said: “Thanaa is tired of health, her condition is very difficult, and she has confusion in the retina, and God willing, it will be good. I wish I could give her my eyes, but medically, this is impossible.”

He added with emotion: “Do not imagine how difficult the problem is if the person’s girlfriend suffers from vision, and I cannot describe to you the amount of pain, but there is no solution, and I do not imagine my life without her, because it is me and she are one.”

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