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After years of conflict in the courts, the dispute between Baha Sultan and Nasr Mahrous has ended

After years of conflict in the courts, the dispute between Baha Sultan and Nasr Mahrous has ended

After years of conflict within the corridors of the courts, the historical dispute between the famous Egyptian singer Baha Sultan and producer Nasr Mahrous, which obstructed the singer’s artistic career and prevented him from singing, finally ended, after a reconciliation session conducted by the artist, Esaad Younes.

The announcement of the end of the judicial dispute between the two parties, which took years, came during “Promo”, the new episode of the “Her Excellency” program, presented by the artist, Esaad Younes, on the “DMC” channel, after she hosted the two parties, announcing the end of the dispute that caused depriving the audience. From Sultan’s voice, for years, she spontaneously released “Zaghrouda” as an expression of her joy.

In the circulating video of the episode, the moment of the conflict between Mahrous and Sultan appears, where the Egyptian artist appeared, presenting the reconciliation to the famous producer, who replied to her, saying: “Bahaa Free from Nasr Mahrous”, then he signs a paper waiving his rights.

The reconciliation between the two parties caused great joy on social media, especially from Sultan’s fans, who missed his melodious voice for many years, during which he enjoyed great popularity in the art scene.

The cooperation between Sultan and Mahrous began in the year 2000, after Mahrous’ company “Free Music” contracted with the singer to produce and distribute his artworks, the most prominent of which were: “Yally Walk”, “3 Minutes” “Kan Zaman” and other successful works.

The dispute between the two parties began in 2014, when the audience waited for Sultan’s new album, after he released the song “Asibek”, but it did not come to light, after Sultan refused to renew the contract with Mahrous, after which the two parties exchanged cases in the courts.

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