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Ahmed Abdel Qader Alam El Din: I withdraw my candidacy for the elections

Ahmed Abdel Qader Alam El Din: I withdraw my candidacy for the elections

Ahmed Abdel Qader Alam El Din issued the following statement:

“I was born and raised in the city of Minya, this city that lacked many elements, and despite my emigration and distance from it, it remained present in my mind, so I pledged myself to advance it at all levels and help its good people and stand by their side for development and change, so I made use of all my financial and moral capabilities and my relationships personal to this end.

After the reality of parliamentary and political representation reached the bottom of the gendarmerie, it was necessary to change, and in response to the desire of loved ones and those who are jealous of the interest of our city, I applied for my candidacy for the parliamentary elections, with the certainty that the service of my community is not limited to the parliamentary seat, but rather in solidarity and solidarity with a team of specialists in all sectors. And because I hold Spanish citizenship, I ran into a legal obstacle and after all means were exhausted by specialized lawyers to overcome this obstacle, which exposes my work to repercussions that were not taken into account, which affects me in standing by the people of my area and helping them as required, and implementing development projects and social services, especially in these stifling living conditions.

And in front of the trust and love of the people of Miniyeh and the neighborhood, and this is what appeared and became clear through several statistics in Miniyeh, and I do not hide from you that as a result most of the electoral lists sought to communicate with me so that we could be together and thank them.

I extend my thanks and gratitude to my family and loved ones who have showered me with their love and trust, assuring you that I will remain by your side for advancement and reconstruction, in the hope that the representative of the deceased will arrive in Parliament, which will reflect positively on the municipal work, and we are ready to extend a helping hand for the good of this country and my dying city Dear to my heart, good people.

Therefore, in the face of this reality, I announce the withdrawal of my candidacy with a pact with myself before God and before you that I continue my developmental path so that this withdrawal will not be an obstacle to what I started with, but rather constitutes an incentive to further work.

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