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Ahmed Al-Hamoud wins the "Bolton Award" for "Best Film Screenplay"

Ahmed Al-Hamoud wins the “Bolton Award” for “Best Film Screenplay”

Abu Dhabi (Etihad)
Ahmed Al-Hamoud won the University of Bolton’s Creative Exhibition Award for 2022 in the category of Best Sci-Fi, Thriller and Motion Screenplay, as well as the Best Screenwriting Rating for Hollywood specifications, during the ceremony held at The Light Theater in Bolton, in the presence of the most important filmmakers in the United Kingdom.
By obtaining the best evaluation and the creative exhibition award, Al-Hamoud was able to capture the attention of major production companies in the United States of America, where he received several offers to revive this scenario.
Al-Hamoud said: The script combines science fiction, excitement and movement, adding an existential sense, noting that this type of scenario is unique in the world of filmmaking, where his idea is centered around fierce entertainment, and gravity plays a pivotal role.
Neil Duggan, assistant professor in the Department of Film and Media Production at the University of Bolton, stressed the uniqueness of Al-Hamoud’s scenario from others in this event, describing it as an exceptional work.
Lawrence Davy, supervisor of screenwriting at Bolton University, praised Al-Hamoud’s work, commenting: It was a successful attempt to reinvent the cinematic language and adapt it according to the writer’s vision.
And to the excitement, movement and science fiction, the script explores the theories of quantum physics and a set of scientific theories that will capture the attention of the masses, and enable a wider range of qualitative perception that the writer reflected on the script, as he reviews a new methodology for visual concepts in films, more than 7 years after writing This scenario.
It is noteworthy that the University of Bolton Creative Fair is held annually, and aims to highlight the creative energies at the university, as it offers competitive prizes in various arts contexts, and attracts distinguished personalities from the community, filmmakers and those interested in the arts from all over the UK.

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