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Ahmed Amin reveals the scenes of "Ghamm Island" and the secret of his acceptance of the role of "Arafat"

Ahmed Amin reveals the scenes of “Ghamm Island” and the secret of his acceptance of the role of “Arafat”

Amin came out of the mantle of comedic roles that his followers were accustomed to, as he drew attention during most of his previous works with his lightness and funny performance, unlike what he presented last Ramadan.

and tells Egyptian artist On Sky News Arabia, about Arafat’s character, he said: “The wonderful text written by Professor Abdel Rahim Kamal and the details of the character that calls for love and the pure spiritual aspect in it, and my trust in the rest of the elements of the work, they are all names I am honored to work with, were the reasons that encouraged me to accept the role “.

The actor, who graduated from the College of Fine Arts, pointed out that “the dominant characteristic in Arafat is innocence and honesty, but he is not limited in intelligence, but rather a mixture of a pure, innocent person who would like to be satisfied with the remembrance of God for the rest of his life, and at the same time he is clever and knowledgeable. The height of contentment and the pinnacle of pursuit. You may think that they are contradictory, but when they are achieved, they give him special abilities.”


Amin, who was known to the public through short videos that he broadcast on the Internet and which achieved great spread known as “30 seconds”, added: “I was surprised by the reactions to Arafat’s personality. It exceeded all my expectations, whether from the audience or from my colleagues and professors in the artistic community.”

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And Amin added: “I always have fear before every work, but it is a healthy fear. I ask myself, will I be able to be a good addition to this work? And certainly the fear this time was less, as the audience and colleagues encouraged me after a series Supernatural, and in the end I am an actor and what drives me is the presence of good stories and a good director, comedic or otherwise.”

Saidi dialect

Regarding the mastery of the Sa’idi dialect at work, the Egyptian artist attributed the credit to the corrector, Abdel Nabi Al-Hawari, saying: “He helped me in training and held a large number of sessions with him until he told me that I had made good progress in a good time.”

In the same context, Amin said that cooperation with scriptwriter Abdel Rahim Kamal is “enjoyable”, because he is “a great, conscious and educated writer who presents an integrated fabric of this beauty while respecting the preservation of the Egyptian identity. He presents our language as Egyptians with an accent that only exists in Egypt It is the Sa’idiyyah, with parts of our history, nature and image.”

Teamwork and heroism

And the artist, who excelled in the role of “Sesame” in the series “The Will” in 2018, continued: “There is no difference in art between teamwork or tournament, for example, I do not see my role in the series Supernatural, starring. It is a work full of important actors and I was only one of the Among them. All the big stars on Ghamm Island were his heroes, and in the history of art it often happened that the only winner of the work had a small role or even one scene. Therefore, the size of the role is not a measure of anything.”

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As for what is new during the coming period, Amin added: “I am currently filming new episodes of a project called Ask Mujereb, a program whose idea is to ask a question related to human psychology, mind and behavior and conduct experiments until we reach part of the answer. There are already two episodes on YouTube and currently I am filming more.” .

Amin added, “There are several cinema and television projects in their early stages, and one of these works may appear at the beginning of next year.”

It is noteworthy that the series “Ghamm Island” starring Riad El-Khouly, Fathi Abdel-Wahab, Mai Ezz El-Din and Mahmoud El-Bazzawi, with a special appearance by the great artist Abdel-Aziz Makhyoun, written by Abdel Rahim Kamal and directed by Hussein Al-Manbawi.