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Ahmed El-Fishawy returns to reading and brings his favorite drinks in the latest appearance

Ahmed El-Fishawy returns to reading and brings his favorite drinks in the latest appearance

The Egyptian star Ahmed El-Fishawy, son of the late artist Farouk El-Fishawy, shared a set of clips of him returning to his favorite hobby, which is reading and reviewing some writings, and he also preferred to return to preparing the drinks he loves.

Ahmed Al-Fishawy expressed this by publishing a group of clips of him reading in a pleasant summer atmosphere, in addition to standing next to a number of chefs while preparing his favorite drinks, in clips he posted on his Instagram account.

The star, Ahmed El-Fishawy, had revealed the official promo of his latest movie, “Ghosts of Europe”, starring Haifa Wehbe, which is currently showing in cinemas.

Ahmed al-Fishawy published the official promo of the work at the time through his official account on Instagram, commenting on it: “The ghosts of Europe will soon be on VIP witness.”

In the film’s promo, the star Haifa Wehbe appears with a group of action and dangerous movements, showing her embodiment of the character of a girl from a popular area, and she has another who looks like her in a foreign country.

The movie “Ghosts of Europe”, starring Ahmed El-Fishawy, Haifa Wehbe, Mustafa Khater, Arwa Gouda, Ahmed Daoud, Bayoumi Fouad, the work written by Karim Farouk, script and dialogue by Amin Jamal, Mohamed Abu Al-Saad and Sharif Yousry, and directed by Mohamed Abdel Rahman Hamaki. .

The events of the movie “Ghosts of Europe”, revolve around the presence of the star Haifa Wehbe in two characters of two twin sisters, one of whom lives in a European country and the other lives in a popular area, and in the midst of the events, the European girl is exposed to difficult situations after her return from abroad.

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Ahmed Al-Fishawy also participated in the movie “The Public Call”, in which the artist Asmaa Abu Al-Yazid had published a picture of his propaganda poster, which brings them together with the artist Mohamed Abdel Rahman Tota.

The artist, Mohamed Abdel Rahman, had announced at the time that the “public invitation” would be presented in cinemas, on August 17 last, where he also published the official poster of the film, which includes his picture, Ahmed El-Fishawy and Asmaa Abu El-Yazid, through his account. On the Instagram photo and video sharing site, he commented: “In the name of God, we trust in God. The official poster for the movie (Public Invitation). August 17 in all theaters .. O Baraka, my mother called you.”

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