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Ahmed Ezz reveals the secret of his boycott of "Social Media"

Ahmed Ezz reveals the secret of his boycott of “Social Media”

The artist, Ahmed Ezz, revealed, during exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia”, the reason for his lack of interest in social media, where he said, “All respect to the pioneers of social media, but I do not have any accounts on social media.”

And Ezz continued, “Because I am one of the personalities who like to work without talking a lot about their work, and I have great faith in God that good work will appear to people without effort, so I am busy with work and success only.”

crime movie

Presented by the Egyptian artist, The movie “Crime” In the Egyptian cinemas, where the events of the film take place in the seventies, and during the events, Ezz suffers from hallucinations, to enter a hospital, but escapes from it. In conflict with these people.

revealed Ahmed Ezz On the reason for his enthusiasm for this cinematic experience, he said: “My role in the crime movie is different and new, and I have not presented it before, which attracted and provoked me to present it, in addition to the presence of a respected production company behind the work, and I am very happy with my cooperation for the second time with Director Sherif Arafa After the movie “The Passage”.

And about the difficulties he faced while filming the crime movie, he indicated that implementing the movie was difficult and stressful for him, because it relies on very small details that need to be scrutinized until they appear in the appropriate and desired manner for the audience.

Choice 3

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And the artist, Ahmed Ezz, confirmed that he will fight Ramadan race The next 2022, in the series “The Choice 3”, and it is scheduled to start filming his scenes at work in the coming days, expressing his great happiness to participate in this work, saying: “More excited than the audience for the series Choice 3, and very proud of my participation with big stars in this work such as The artist Karim Abdel Aziz and the artist Ahmed El Sakka.

Ezz concluded his speech with “Sky News Arabia”, that what motivated him to enter the “Choice 3” experience is that he always likes to participate in national works and considers it a message and it is the artists’ duty to take care of these works, so that the people’s belonging and loyalty grow within them.