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الفنان المصري أحمد حلمي

Ahmed Helmy reveals to “Al-Ain News” the secret of “One Tani”‘s lead in revenue ‎

As usual, in his mature films, artistically and publicly, the Egyptian star Ahmed Helmy appears on his audience with the Eid movie “One Tani”, achieving public success, which was monitored by the outcome of the net. He also achieved critical success with the approval of critics for the content of the film and its artistic level.

Ahmed Helmy’s latest film, “One Tani”, topped the revenues of Eid films, winning the revenue cake and exceeding the 45 million Egyptian pound barrier (about 2 million US dollars) in revenues for his movie, which was presented to the masses on the day of the blessed Eid al-Fitr. ‎

Helmy, who is returning after an absence to the cinema, is in a fierce competition in the Eid movie season, with the films “The Spider” starring Ahmed El-Sakka and Mona Zaki, and the film “Zombie” by rising comedy stars Ali Rabie and Hamdi Al-Mirghani.

The Egyptian artist Ahmed Helmy expressed his happiness for the movie “One Tani” to take the top spot in the revenues of the Eid films, stressing in exclusive statements to “Al-Ain News” that the movie’s revenues reflect the audience’s acceptance of the film and their admiration for the work.

Helmy added: “I feel overjoyed that the film succeeded in making the audience happy, and won their satisfaction, because any artist is primarily interested in the satisfaction of his fans and the people’s desire to watch the work, and the release of revenue is evidence of the audience’s admiration for the film and the demand for it, and this is the ultimate success for any hero or artist”.

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As for the difficulties that Helmy faced while filming the movie, he confirmed that he did not face any difficulties in the true sense, especially since he is a lover of his art, and therefore any problems facing the work turn into positive energy in order for the film to come out to the masses in an optimal way.

And he added with a laugh: “The only difficulty that faced the makers of the work, was filming in light summer clothes while filming in the cold weather in the winter.”

Helmy invested in the success of the film, and the song “The Movement”, and presented a challenge through the social media sites for his fans to participate in dances suitable for the song, to top after hours the platforms of search engines and trends on social networking sites in Egypt. ‎

Helmy attributed the success of the song and the audience’s interaction with it, as the film attracts the youth category and talks about their problems in its comic framework, and for this reason a wide segment of young people was attracted to his song and for this reason it exceeded half a billion views on the Tik Tok application as the interaction of participants with videos in record time, and this is something that certainly pleased him. ‎

Helmy added in his speech to Al-A News: “We present a film that discusses the issue of passion, and it is normal for the film to be directed to young people and adults because of its subject, and censorship of artistic works in all countries of the Arab world has allowed the film, and the film has an age rating commensurate with its content.”

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Helmy criticized the attempts to distort art in general and attempts to undermine the biography and reputation of the artists, and thanked the Captain of Actors, Ashraf Zaki, “who confronts such people on the go,” he said.

It is noteworthy that the movie “One Tani” was written by Haitham Dabour, directed by Mohamed Shaker Abdel Latif, and starring Ahmed Helmy, Ruby, Nasreen Amin, Sayed Ragab and Amr Abdel Jalil.