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Ahmed Musa reveals a surprise about the Security Council session on the Renaissance Dam.. tomorrow

Ahmed Musa reveals a surprise about the Security Council session on the Renaissance Dam.. tomorrow

The media, Ahmed Moussa, said that there is an important Security Council session tomorrow regarding Ethiopia’s recent decisions, and Moussa confirmed that there will be no vote on the draft resolution submitted by Tunisia.

Ahmed Moussa, during his presentation of the “On My Responsibility” program broadcast on “Echo of the Country” channel, added that the draft resolution states that Ethiopia will stop the second filling of the dam, and that Ethiopia has the right to generate electricity without causing problems for Egypt and Sudan.

Ahmed Moussa pointed out that refraining from any declaration or action would endanger the negotiations.

Ahmed Moussa indicated that those who are waiting for decisions from the Security Council tomorrow regarding the vote on the draft resolution submitted by Tunisia, everyone should make sure that no vote took place.

And Tunisia, in its capacity as the representative of the Arab group in the Security Council, distributed a draft resolution on the Renaissance Dam, according to sources told Al Arabiya.

She said that the draft resolution distributed by Tunisia in the Security Council enjoys the support of Egypt and Sudan, as well as the Arab Follow-up Committee.

The Arab Group in the Security Council is seeking to pass a resolution on the Renaissance Dam, calling on Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia to continue negotiations with the aim of reaching a binding agreement on the rules for filling and operating the Ethiopian dam within six months.

With the Renaissance Dam crisis escalated by Ethiopia, which announced the start of the second filling of the Ethiopian dam reservoir, Egypt and Sudan rejected Ethiopia’s unilateral measure and threw the ball into the court of international institutions to resolve the crisis.

3 countries announced their support for Egypt and Sudan and their cause, including two Arab countries (Saudi Arabia and Tunisia), while Washington said that the second filling would increase tension.

An emergency session of the Security Council

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent the letter addressed by the Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation to his counterpart, the Minister of Ethiopia, to the President of the United Nations Security Council to inform the Council – which will hold a session on the issue of the Renaissance Dam on Thursday, July 8, 2021 – of this dangerous development, which once again reveals Ethiopia’s bad faith and determination To take unilateral measures to impose a fait accompli and to fill and operate the Renaissance Dam without an agreement that takes into account the interests of the three countries and limits the damages of this dam to the two downstream countries.

Washington’s position
The US position towards the crisis was characterized by diplomacy between statements supporting Egypt’s right to water and Ethiopia’s right to development within its own land.

Last March, Ambassador Bassam Radi, the official spokesman for the Egyptian presidency, mentioned the details of a phone call between President Sisi and US President Joe Biden, which dealt with exchanging views on the developments of the current situation of the Renaissance Dam file; The President welcomed the continued American efforts in this regard, stressing Egypt’s adherence to its water rights by reaching a fair and binding legal agreement that guarantees clear rules for the process of filling and operating the dam.

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