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أحمد سعد يرد على انتقادات لصورته مع مصطفى حسنى بعد صلاة الجمعة بصورة جديدة ورسالة

Ahmed Saad responds to criticism of his photo with Mustafa Hosni after Friday prayers, with a new image and a message

The artist Ahmed Saad, the Islamic preacher Mustafa Hosni, met for the next Friday in a row in the mosque, and decided to respond to the criticism he received from the public after publishing a previous photo with him, expressing his strong dissatisfaction with the public’s offensive comments to him.

Ahmed Saad and Mustafa Hosny

And the artist Ahmed Saad, through his account on Instagram, published a new photo with Mustafa Hosni from inside the mosque, and commented on it: “The last Friday, I met Sheikh Mustafa Hosni after Friday prayers, and we imagined together, and the picture was downloaded. some in one picture.

Mustafa Hosny and Ahmed Saad
Mustafa Hosny and Ahmed Saad

And he added, “What made me happy, Sheikh Mustafa Hosni, when I met him on this Friday violin and asked him, do you know that the comments bothered you, even if you wanted to remove them? He told me how to say that! You are my friend and my lover. Will we take a picture of the violin!” You have a sweet word that makes someone happy, even if he is different from you.

And he concluded by saying: “Thank you, Sheikh Mustafa Hosni, for your openness and acceptance of others as they are. We have something very special.”

In another context, the song “About Talaali” by singer Heba Mokhtar, in which she cooperates with singer Ahmed Saad, achieved a million views since its launch several days ago, as the song witnesses Heba’s return to the scene again after a period of absence.

Despite the friendship between Heba Mokhtar and Ahmed Saad, as they are graduates of the same batch at the Institute of Arab Music, which included Sherine Abdel Wahab and Ramy Sabry, the song “Narb Talaali” brings them together for the first time.

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