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أحمد صالح لاعب الزمالك السابق ينسحب من حلقته مع مي حلمي (فيديو)

Ahmed Saleh, the former Zamalek player, withdraws from his episode with Mai Helmy (video)

date of publication:
August 29, 2021 11:25 GMT

Update date: August 29, 2021 12:10 GMT

Ahmed Saleh, the former star of Zamalek club, withdrew live during his hosting of one of the episodes of the “Al-Hakam” program, presented by broadcaster Mai Helmy.

The withdrawal of “Saleh” came in opposition to the way the presenter of the program dealt with him in asking questions about the crisis of Mahmoud Abdel-Razek “Shikabala”, the leader of the white team.

Mai Helmy was talking about what Shikabala had done in the celebrations of the league title, in reference to the Zamalek leader’s interaction with the Zamalek fans’ insults to the Al-Ahly fans, but Ahmed Saleh asked her to talk about the last shot that occurred in the league shield celebrations first, and then talk about what he did Shikabala, however, refused this matter, and spoke to him in a way that the former Zamalek player saw as inappropriate; What caused him to leave the program.

The announcer asked him about his opinion about what happened in the league celebrations, to which “Saleh” replied: “There was a celebration in the league?”, to be answered by Mai Helmy, sarcastically: “We do not have to answer Shakira to do a celebration, and when you are happy with yourself, is this not a celebration.. and I I talk about the audience and you speak for them, and will you speak impartially, yes or no.”

Saleh replied again, “Many people are upset about what happened and there was no celebration, and if Al-Ahly took the league, would this be the form of the celebration, and would it prevent the players’ wives? .. And the fans are happy with themselves, and Shikabala does not understand what to do?”

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He added, “I am honest and I answer festively, but you do not like the words, and your words are true,” Mai Helmy replied, “You do not respond to my words and try to take the speech in another way.”

The Zamalek star got angry, objecting to the way the announcer spoke, saying, “If you talk to me in this way, I can walk and leave the program.”

The presenter of the program replied, “There is no problem. We can finish the episode at once,” which is what actually happened.

Many media professionals and observers criticized the way the announcer dealt with Ahmed Saleh, as the lyric poet Ayman Bahgat Qamar said, through his Facebook account, “I am welcome, and I reject the way I deal with Captain Ahmed Saleh, and I hope the National Media Council holds the announcers accountable. But not to make a scene, a view, and views, and win a point, to insult people, and the man speaks with the utmost taste, a bad and insulting scene, and this indicates that the content is empty. It is a real shame.”

Director Amr Arafa also commented on this episode and tweeted through his personal account on the “Twitter” website, saying, “This talk does not satisfy Ahlawy nor Zamalek, in which there is a difference between someone who respects his profession as a broadcaster, and someone else sees that he is older than her, so he is arrogant over his guests. It is not the fault of the polite guest that he is He can bear your arrogance and good that he walked and left the program, and I hope the lesson has arrived.. I doubt.”

It is noteworthy that Zamalek won the Egyptian League title for the 13th time in its history and the first since 2015, after collecting 80 points, and advanced by four points from its rival Al-Ahly, who finished second.

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The last match of Zamalek witnessed some unfortunate events in a crisis between Ahmed Mujahid, president of the Football Association, and Shikabala, the star of Zamalek, after refusing to open the door for the excluded Zamalek players and their families, to celebrate the title on the floor of the “Petrosport” stadium, after the white team drew with Al-Ahly Bank (1-1). ), in the last round of the Egyptian Premier League.