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أحمد صيام وابنته بسنت

Ahmed Siam: I advised my daughter with the words of Adel Imam, and I hope to perform with her | news

The artist Ahmed Siam was a guest of the journalist Amr Al-Leithi on the “One of the People” program broadcast on Al-Hayat channel, and he spoke about his opinion of his daughter Basant as an actress, and the advice he gave her.

Ahmed Siam said: “She is her brain that beat me a lot, this generation is their brain that preceded us a lot. I am the only advice that I told her in the occupation that Professor Adel Imam said the most important thing the actor knows says no and knows he refuses, he does not accept but, she is smart and I confess after the years I just delayed it a little bit.”

After joining the meeting, Basant Ahmed Siam explained that her love for acting began at the school stage, saying: “Papa used to take me and my sister backstage, I was very interested and wanted to know what was happening, and in the school activities stage, all my tendencies were artistic, I love to dance, sing and perform plays. “


And she added, “When I started to realize that this was the profession of Baba, he required me to take workshops, so I took the first workshop of Marwa Gabriel, and Luke Liner’s workshop, and unfortunately I did not have a workshop with Ahmed Siam.”

Ahmed Siam commented: “I am a teaching profession that has failed a little bit. I hope to perform with her, and she refused a job for which I was a candidate for it and apologized, and she had a right to it.”

Bassant Ahmed Siam explained that the reason for her refusal was her association with the theatrical show “Cinema Masr” with director Khaled Galal.

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