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Ahmed Zaher's daughter competed with Amr Diab's daughter in a dance that is all pamper: Watch

Ahmed Zaher’s daughter competed with Amr Diab’s daughter in a dance that is all pamper: Watch

The young artist, Laila Ahmed Zaher, celebrated her graduation ceremony, along with her sister, Malak, in the presence of her father, artist Ahmed Zaher, and her mother, in front of the pyramids.

Actress Laila Ahmed Zaher published a video of her graduation ceremony on her official account on Instagram, in which she appeared singing and dancing.

For his part, the artist, Ahmed Zahr, published on his official page on Instagram, a video of his daughter, Laila, singing and dancing.

Ahmed Zaher commented: “Congratulations, my love, for graduating, and for this beautiful song that I was fond of in the world and the theater, and everyone was hilarious with you and danced with you, you broke the world, my love, and I am proud of you.”

And the artist, Ahmed Zaher, published pictures of his two daughters’ graduation ceremony, on his personal account, on the Instagram photo and video exchange site.

Ahmed Zaher appeared in the pictures, accompanied by his two daughters, Mel and Laila, and his wife, and commented on them: “My daughters have graduated today… a strange situation for the first time in which I feel a lot of mixed feelings of joy, happiness, pride and fear for my rebirth and tears.”

Ahmed Zaher continued: “What, we Egyptians rejoice or grieve, we must cry, I do not know why, many feelings and with each other once, but seriously, I was flying from joy, praise be to God, and thanks to God for all the happiness I was in.”

Ahmed Zaher added: “Praise be to God for the graduation of Malak and Layla and Aqbal from me and Noor, and may God make you all happy with your children, King and Layla with your love, very much, and I am proud of you as long as the whole world.”

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