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AI will reach singularity within seven years, model warns – – World News 24

Artificial intelligence in translation within seven years balances People, search found from Translated. From there, you only need a few steps to achieve the same success in other areas. Scientists warn that artificial intelligence could spiral out of control. What will happen next and what the world will look like, no one knows for sure. The IFLScience server reported this.

Are we one step away from artificial intelligence replacing humans in society? Experts from Translated have come up with a disturbing study. Using the time-to-edit (TTE) model, the researchers tracked the performance of the AI ​​over time.

The model defines the time it takes a human to edit a translation generated by another translator or AI. Using TTE, experts track the trend of AI translation from 2014 to 2022.

Translated results of the study were published on your website With a graph showing that artificial intelligence will be the human equivalent of translation within seven years. While human translators maintained the same quality, TTE decreased linearly with AI.

“If this trend of TTE decreasing at the same rate since 2014 continues, we expect that TTE will drop to 1 second within a few years.” wrote a team of experts on their website.

Then the machine translation achieves something that can be called a “complete translation”. But there are other parameters that track how the AI ​​learns, such as the number of errors per thousand words. Currently, machine translation makes about 50 errors per thousand words.

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point of no return

However, scientists expect progress even in error rates comparable to TTE. Artificial intelligence will later become artificial general intelligence (AGI), that is, artificial intelligence that has gone beyond the goals for which it was created.

In this case, there are only a few steps left to achieve the same successes in other areas. what happened after that? Nobody knows, so scientists refer to this point as reaching the singularity, the site writes IFLScience.

We know the term singularity from studying black holes. It describes a situation where we reach a certain point of no return. If artificial intelligence reaches this level, we can only imagine what will happen next.

Scientists explain this concept in the field of artificial intelligence in several scenarios. According to some opinions, machines will reach the level of humans, according to others, they will surpass human intelligence and get out of control. They can then change the world with new research that we don’t understand. or destroy the world.

Even without the apocalypse scenarios, the increasingly advanced AI is a challenge. For example, a highly advanced program chat by OpenAI led to US schools banning him over concerns about student cheating. The chatbot will answer every question with amazing efficiency.

Apple left artificial intelligence again Narrate audiobooks. This is because it is more practical and less expensive. However, writers and publishers criticize this because one gives added value to the work, making art.