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Air instability in the Kingdom… A warning from the “Makkah crises” and a warning to avoid torrential rains


A state of instability in the atmosphere in the Kingdom began yesterday evening, Friday, with rain on the western coast of Umluj and Yanbu, and extended during the night hours to Tabuk and the adjacent parts.

The director of the National Meteorological Center in Tabuk, Farhan Al-Anzi, said: “The effect of rain in the atmosphere began on the Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Jeddah, Rabigh and adjacent areas.”

He continued, “It is also expected that the effect of rain will continue today until Tuesday to include some areas such as Hail, the northern border, Al-Jawf and parts of Al-Qassim. It is not excluded that some active thunderclouds will form accompanied by active winds, and it is possible that there will be some hailstones.”

In a related context, the Crisis and Disaster Center in the Emirate of Makkah, under the hashtag #Jeddah_Now, called on everyone to take precaution and avoid torrents.

He also noted, according to his account on “Twitter”, to stay away from areas of water gathering, due to the exposure of Jeddah and the neighboring governorates to a rainy situation today and tomorrow, Sunday, according to the report issued by the National Center of Meteorology.

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