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"العهد" يفضح كذبة جديدة: علم لبنان خلف السيد نصر الله!

“Al-Ahed” exposes a new lie: The flag of Lebanon is behind the…

Maysa Moghaddam

What is happening in the media scene in Lebanon goes beyond all the limits of media disinformation. The methods of deception, lying and fraud are intensifying as if they are in a race against time with the approach of the parliamentary elections. As for the leaders in fraud campaigns, there are many, and they vary between newspapers, books, websites and paid accounts on social media.

A little scrutiny that does not rise to the level of scrutiny reveals a lot of deception. “Al-Ahed” news website chose a very small sample of “Al-Nahar” newspaper in its issue dated March 17, 2022.

On the “Issues” page, and under the title “Hezbollah when it commits treason,” Saad Kiwan wrote a group of delusions against Hezbollah, trying to compile all the unrealistic nonsense and deceptive narratives published in previous years against the resistance in Lebanon and formulate them in one text. One of the smallest such nonsense that we will expose its falsehood, is the prosecutor’s saying that “the first time (Mr.) Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary-General of the party, was forced to raise the Lebanese flag behind him was 35 years after the emergence of his party following the outbreak of the popular uprising in 2019.”
Away from the complex ignorance of the date of Hezbollah’s launch, as the party celebrates its fortieth anniversary this year, let us, “An-Nahar” and the writer of “The Lines” watch the video attached to the pictures and dates, and let us wait for an explanation, an apology, or perhaps a gagging by these:

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The most ridiculous thing about the reality of the situation is that the enemies of Hezbollah, in their campaigns against it, resorted to absurdities, nonsense, lies, overt misinformation, and skepticism about postulates, in the context of brainwashing the public and turning it against the party. Thus, the creators of these campaigns underestimate the minds of their audience, making no effort to create, create compelling narratives, or create plausible propaganda. Even the lies that are “legitimized” by the media’s propaganda – by presenting the missing information and concealing other information according to the narrative of the one based on it – is usually of a higher level than what they plagiarize.

Goodbye in a new episode of the series: “Expose a Lie”.

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