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Al-Ahly and Zamalek summit .. 5 reasons behind the tsunami of the red giant

The match witnessed a full hour without goals amid an average performance, but the last half hour was covered in red and he excelled The historical champion of the Egyptian league The defending champion in the last two seasons to score from the 61st minute until the counted time instead of lost his hat-trick.

Reasons for red supremacy

  • pressure Al-Ahly From the beginning, using the Portuguese method Ferreira In retreating to defend and relying on the opponent’s mistakes in building or extracting the ball to launch counterattacks, taking advantage of the speeds and skills of the duo Imam Ashour and Ahmed Sayed “Zizou”, and the red pressure resulted in confusion for the white team, so that Koller’s men succeeded in creating 3 realized opportunities in the first half, despite the scarcity of attempts..
  • Al-Ahly benefited from a break between the two halves, and completely changed the way he played, to turn the game into penetration from the depths directly, and to allow Zamalek to own the ball to play behind his defenses with rebounds and quick strikes, as Ferrera wanted to do, which resulted in the first goal of Mahmoud Abdel Moneim.Electricity“.
  • Zamalek progressed to search for the equalizing goal, which was met with greater offensive ferocity than Al-Ahly club and a desire to settle the match, with the descent of the former Egyptian league scorer, Mohamed Sharif, instead of Kahraba, to activate the offensive side, to succeed in scoring two goals with strong touches directly from inside the penalty area. Goalkeeper Mohamed Awad did not succeed in dealing with it..
  • Continue Zamalek His negative results in 2023 to remain without any victory, for many reasons, most notably the decline in the level of coach Ferreira, who made negative changes in the summit match, most notably the participation of Shikabala Instead of Saif Al-Jaziri, Sayed Abdullah instead of Muhammad Abdel-Shafi and Mustafa Al-Zanari instead of Amr Al-Sisi..
  • Mali Aliou Diang gave great power to the Al-Ahly midfield, and he was a major reason for destroying Zamalek’s attacks and contributing to building Al-Ahly’s attacks, to deserve the award for the title of the match, and the role of his partner in the middle, Hamdi Fathy, who succeeded in making two goals, did not diminish..
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An uncertain future

  • The decline in Ferreira’s level and the abundance of criticism about his technical decisions in the formation and changes prompted the Zamalek club’s board of directors to take an urgent decision to convene the council to discuss the future of the Portuguese coach with the team, with a lot of speculation about his dismissal or the termination of the contract by mutual consent..

A decision is expected to be made at any moment Mourtada Mansour The president of Zamalek club about the fate of the Portuguese coach, who became ambiguous after the heavy loss from the traditional competitor.

Zamalek remained in fourth place in the standings table with 26 points, while Al-Ahly moved away from the lead with 34 points, so that the difference between the two teams widened to 8 points in favor of Al-Ahmar..