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Al-Ahly’s official and final position on contracting with the Moroccan shrewd... Exclusive details -

Al-Ahly’s official and final position on contracting with the Moroccan shrewd… Exclusive details –

Al-Ahly club seeks to contract with a number of distinguished stars during the coming period in order to continue its good performance and seize the local and African championships that the children of the Red Castle seek.

Al-Ahly club opened the line of negotiation with a number of distinguished players, whether at the local or foreign levelsA prophet in order to strengthen the team with new players who are skilled and distinguished, with the aim of activating the offensive front of the red team.

And the Al-Ahly club news site learned Ahly News That Ashraf Bin Sharqi Al-Maghraby, player of Zamalek club, became outside the official accounts of the first football team of the Red Castle, after the financial exaggeration of the requests he wanted.

The source added, that Bin Sharqi became outside the Al-Ahly accounts, after Al-Ahly club communicated more than once with his agent, at a time when the player insisted on obtaining the strong financial compensation in addition to the satisfaction of agreeing to leave for free.

Bin Sharqi’s contract with Zamalek expires at the end of the current season, and the first football team of the Red Castle was looking forward to seizing the player during the previous period, by presenting a strong and distinguished financial offer during the coming period.

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Bin Sharqi was seeking to be in the Red Castle during the coming period, but on the financial level, the player was unable to be present due to his strong financial desires, as Amir Tawfiq, the contracting manager in the Red Castle, decided to end all the procedures for not contracting with the player.

The technical staff of Al-Ahly club stressed that he was seeking to obtain the Moroccan player after witnessing many of his skills and following him in the ranks of Zamalek, but the strong financial return that the player wants and amounting to 2 million dollars prevented the completion of the deal.

The first football team of the Red Castle is looking forward to obtaining strong alternatives, while the Saudi Al-Nasr Club is competing with Al-Ahly Club, with a material offer for Laban Sharqi, which amounted to one million and 600 thousand dollars.

Al-Ahly club offered a maximum of 1.3 million dollars to contract with the player, in addition to a number of other strong advantages on the advertising front and others on the media side.

Bin Sharqi stuck to his point of view, while Al-Ahly club closed the door permanently and officially so as not to repeat any problems or strife within the ranks, given that the maximum number of foreign players is obtained by the Tunisian Ali Maaloul, which Al-Ahly offered to Bin Sharqi.

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