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- Al-Ahram Gate

– Al-Ahram Gate

The world of space remains charming in all its details, attracting some who influence them with its science and its hidden interiors, but there remains a barrier for those who want to get close to this world and work with it, for the Egyptian Space Agency to come and bring the distances closer by launching the “spaceak” or “space for you” program, which targets young people Starting from the age of 17 in all governorates, whose number is estimated to nearly 30 million young people, with the aim of spreading the basics of space science and technology, and it serves as a nucleus for creating a generation capable of facing and absorbing future challenges.

Ahmed Moawad, the program’s director, recounts to “Al-Ahram Gate” the journey of its implementation with the approach of its presentation, and how it was thought to deliver scientific content in an attractive manner in keeping with the spirit of the times through social media and in a short period of time and with simple techniques, to bring this world closer to those who are interested in it.

The conversation on his tongue in the following lines: “The topic started with the Egyptian Space Agency since last December, which was aimed at providing content directed to young people, especially those interested in space who did not have much opportunity in the past, so the thought came to present a program that addresses this category through Social Media.

My nomination for the program came from Mohamed Yahya, the executive producer of “Masou” company that implements the work. The space agency aspired that the first season would consist of ten episodes divided into space sciences, including “shapes and celestial bodies and the like,” and ten other episodes entitled “Space technology and revolving around” the world has arrived. What and where did Egypt reach in this field?

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We were confused about the announcers, and we decided to work with four broadcasters, each broadcaster with four different episodes to avoid boredom, and because I work as a “Voiceover” mainly, I joined the broadcasters team and then we started thinking about the technique used because the most difficult here is how to provide simple content, and at the same time attract the viewer even He does not feel bored, especially with the weight of the scientific content that we have, so there was a thought to provide an educational entertainment program in an easy and simple way that communicates to people.”

Moawad points out that it was agreed to present the content of one episode in a short period ranging from “3 to 5 minutes”, and that he agreed with Dr. Youssef Shaaban, one of the officials in the space agency, and they began to develop a simple form for the program, and from here he and the broadcasting team decided that each of them By writing the episode that he presents in a simple and colloquial form and in the same simple terms he uses in his daily life.

Moawad also confirms that the space agency has given them full support, time and understanding to come up with the program in its best form. The “spaceak” program was implemented after the Egyptian Space Agency signed a cooperation protocol with the Ministry of Youth and Sports in the framework of maximizing the benefit from the efforts and research contributions of our creative and distinguished scientists in the fields of space science and technology, and in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, which always seeks to prepare young people and youth to meet future challenges in Several fields, and the prestigious Al-Azhar University, with its various faculties in the fields of engineering and science, and the Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences.

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