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(العجيري العلمي): اصطفاف أربعة كواكب فجر يوم 16 الجاري في مشهد فلكي مميز

(Al-Ajiri Al-Alami): Four planets lined up at dawn on the 16th of this…

(MENAFN– Kuwait News Agency (KUNA)) Kuwait – 4-11 (KUNA) -— Al-Ajiri Scientific Center announced that with the absence of the moon at dawn on Saturday, April 16, four planets will gather in the direction of the east before sunrise in a distinctive astronomical scene that can be seen with the naked eye. The planets (Jupiter), (Venus), (Mars) and (Saturn) will shine and continue to shine until sunrise on Saturday.
Al-Falaki and Director of Public Relations at the Center Khaled Al-Jamaan told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) today, Monday, that Venus, also known as the morning star, will be the brightest of those planets, followed by Jupiter, the giant of the solar system in terms of brightness.
Al-Jamaan added that these planets appear in the form of stars on a straight line slanting towards the east. This event is known astronomically as the alignment of the planets, and this occurs in places close to or far from the sun, and in some cases the planets are parallel to the sun only superficially and appear as if they are lined up in the sky.
He explained that the brightest planets meet every half century and are almost straight in the sky, and their last appearance was in April 2002, when five planets appeared near each other apparently on one line, namely Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury, and it is expected to repeat this matter again on September 8 year 2040.
He pointed out that due to the inclination and directions of the orbits of the planets, it is not possible for all the planets to align perfectly. The last appearance of the eight planets was in the same part of the sky more than 1,000 years ago, and they are expected to align again on May 6, 2492 AD. (the end)

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