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Al-Anoud Saud reveals the true heroes of the series "Eyal Nouf"

Al-Anoud Saud reveals the true heroes of the series “Eyal Nouf”

The artist Al-Anoud Saud celebrated the cast of the series “Eyal Nouf”, especially those who had a major role in the scenes and behind the cameras.
At the top of the people who were celebrated by Al-Anoud Saud, the series director Hossam Ali, describing him as a humble “smart director”, because of the way he followed with the artists participating in the work, and through which he was able to produce the best performance from the actor, pointing out that her experiences with This director is the best because she learned a lot from him
Al-Anoud Saud also praised the efforts made by the acting coach at work, Rami Al-Jundi, thanking the circumstances that made her meet him in the series “Eyal Nouf”, especially since he was the one who trained her in acting during the beginnings of her entry into the world of acting.
Al-Anoud Saud, in her celebration of the series’ crew, referred to the artist Ziad Al-Qadi, as one of the artists she enjoyed working with.
Al-Anoud Saud published a set of photos from behind the scenes of the work, which she collected with the director and the filming team, through her official account on “Instagram”, and attached a lengthy comment to it… saying: “The real heroes of the series Eyal Nouf, the smart director, friend of the actor and the humble one who has the simplest dialogue with the actor to get out of the actor.” The best performance. It was one of my best experiences on a personal and professional level, and I learned a lot from him.”
She added, “The acting coach, close friend, and brother who trained me in acting in my early days, and fate wants us to work together, is my teacher.”
And she continued in her comment, “The actor who enjoys a job with him is very talented .. Ziad Al-Qadi.”
Al-Anoud Saud concluded her comment by sending a message to all the work team: “Thank you, thank you, for the beautiful and successful work. It was a beautiful day, despite its difficulties, if it were not for your laughter, love and support, this work would not have succeeded. Congratulations to all of us. .

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The series “Eyal Nouf” revolves around a woman who decides to lock up her children inside her house because of great fear for them, and soon her children discover a secret that makes them think about salvation and escape.
The series includes a number of stars and young faces, including Hind Muhammad, Al-Anoud Saud, Saeed Quraish, Ida, Ghazi Hamad, Ziyad Al-Qadi, Sarah Al-Harbi, Rahaf Al-Harbi, Sultan Al-Miteb, Saeed Al-Omari, Khaled Al-Shaafi, written by Alaa Hamza and directed by Hossam Ali.
It is reported that the artist Al-Anoud Saud participated in the elapsed Ramadan drama season through the series “Studio 22”, which is a comedic drama, and its events revolve around one of the satellite stations that is on the verge of bankruptcy and its owner is determined to continue, which generates many comic situations .
The work is starring Al-Anoud Saud, Habib Al-Habib, Khaled Al-Mudhaffar, Abdulaziz Al-Nassar, Ali Al-Humaidi, Majed Mutreb Fawaz, Khaled Farraj, Rimas Mansour, and directed by Muhammad Daham Al-Shamri.

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