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“Al-Anz is laid off” removes a Saudi official from his position

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The popular saying, “The goat is leaving, and the goat is sitting in the house,” removed a Saudi official from his position.

The folklore painting “The goat is leaving and the goat is sitting in the house” relieved the mayor of Duba Municipality Abdullah bin Abdul Rahim Al-Ghabban from his position, and it was decided to assign Engineer Abdul Rahman Fahd Al-Enezi to replace him on the site.

According to the Okaz newspaper, the Duba Municipality had installed several popular paintings on the front of the northern sea corniche, including the controversial and angered painting that angered the hikers and the people, prompting the municipality to correct its mistake to say on its official approved website: “The proverb that was mentioned in one of the corners of “Dubaa Waves and Flowers” ​​came in the context of allocating sites for popular proverbs, and that the popular proverb about goats and goats came in the context of 250 popular proverbs from all regions, and the painting was withdrawn.

The popular proverb “unpalatable”, according to the municipality’s description, was the effects of angry reactions on social media platforms and the disapproval of visitors to the North Corniche at the Duba Municipality Festival to celebrate the advent of Eid al-Fitr.

It is noteworthy that the new mayor of Duba, Abdul Rahman Al-Enezi, has been the head of the municipality of Umm Shawaq village for several years.