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“Al-Bayan” poll: The digital space..Deficiency in the appreciation of sculpture – thought and art – culture

The digital space contributes to the dissemination of the culture of arts, enhancing its role in supporting intellectual mobility and human communication, but this contribution and role seems to be limited and ineffective for sculpture in particular, according to what was revealed by the “Al-Bayan” survey on the role and importance of digital space in promoting the popularity and spread of this artistic style. The majority of the survey participants confirmed that this art does not receive a sufficient and good share of support and promotion through the spaces of the digital worlds, as the respondents’ answers to the question “Al-Bayan” were: “Did the digital space contribute to enhancing the spread and popularity of sculpture arts?”, thus: On the Al Bayan website, 48% answered “yes” compared to 52% who denied the value of this role. On Twitter, 38% answered “yes” and 62% answered “no.”

Virtual Galleries

The sculptor Albert China believes that the digital space has enhanced the spread and popularity of sculptural arts, and attracted the attention of the recipient towards the idea of ​​adapting raw materials, within the framework of sculptural arts and associated artistic solutions. From this point of view, interest appeared in virtual exhibitions, which are based on the concept of mass and emptiness in sculpture, Expressing these global changes, which contributed to new sculptural formations, coinciding with the revolution of materials and tools that allowed the sculptor to present new visions, such as frames, aluminum, copper and stainless steel, and many natural materials, such as stones and wood.

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Albert believes that the techniques of sculpture differ in their style from the rest of the arts, as he does not deal with flat shapes, such as the art of photography, but rather includes three-dimensional stereoscopic shapes, to find that the artistic pleasure that relates to sculpture works, which does not come through viewing only, but rather Through texture and stereoscopic movement as well, the sculptor forms the works with his hands, which are the most effective means of conveying the high artistic sense of touch.

enhance communication

The plastic artist and sculptor Idris Bey points out that the digital space has contributed greatly to presenting visions and artworks from around the world, in addition to local contemporary trends, which contribute to enhancing human and civilized communication, and the creative effort of the Arab artist, as a production that has a form, occurs A human experience is an attempt to shape the raw material, to become the true essence of the creative work, as the material in itself has an aesthetic value. The material from which the artwork is made is not just something from which this or that work is made. Rather, it has come to be seen as an end in itself, and possesses special sensual qualities, that would assist in the formation of the aesthetic subject, which reaps involuntary admiration, in the face of these works or Others, for its ability to evoke the characters or models of distant times.

Technical purpose

The sculptor Javier Mascaro asserts that digital platforms and virtual exhibitions have shed light on the artistic movement of the concept of sculpture, especially that successive civilizations have always left in their works and their development a great impact on me, culturally and artistically, which is evident in all the works that I present, This has become a clear path for me and the recipient, being fascinated by the symbols of ancient cultures, I wanted to present works that recall flashes of these past, and distant times, through huge sculptures, that mimic that uniqueness and attention to the details of the recording, but with an artistic perspective, despite the multiple stages that go through It relies on casting rusty iron, oxidized bronze, brittle aluminum and cracked ceramics.

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