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Al-Buainain participates in the meetings of the Natural Sciences Committee of the UNESCO General Conference

Paris, November 16 (BNA) Dr. Reem Ahmed Al-Buainain, Acting CEO of Bahrain Polytechnic, participates in the delegation representing the Kingdom of Bahrain in the meetings of the Natural Sciences Committee held during the 41st session of the General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) ) which is currently being held in the French capital, Paris.

On this occasion, Dr. Al-Buainain explained that the sessions of the Natural Sciences Committee discuss a number of topics, including: the right to education and learning and ease of access to educational platforms, especially in light of the great change imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

She discussed dedicating a day to biosphere reserves, to which the Kingdom of Bahrain attaches great importance, represented in allocating marine and land reserves to protect biodiversity, and dedicating an international day that reflects the consistency of the vision of the Kingdom of Bahrain with the concerns of the international community in this regard.

The committee also discussed in its first day the “Open Science Initiative”, which means allowing access to information, data and scientific outputs on a larger scale (open access) and harnessing them more accurately and reliably (open data) in light of the abundance of information.

She added, “By encouraging science to be more relevant to the needs of society, and by promoting equal opportunities for all (scientists, policy-makers and citizens), open science can be a major change in bridging the science, technology and innovation gaps between and within countries, and realizing the human right to It will also support scientific research in higher education institutions, which may find sustainable and innovative solutions.”

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Al-Buainain indicated that in the context of the great challenges facing countries, the latest of which is the COVID-19 pandemic, which has cast a shadow over all sectors, these challenges require innovative and sustainable solutions and an effective, transparent and vital scientific effort, and this initiative will help enrich scientific research and facilitate access to it.

The Committee discussed this initiative at the 40th session of the General Conference of UNESCO, and the Committee was tasked with developing an international standard-setting tool in the form of a Recommendation on Open Science.