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Al-Burhan to Sputnik: The name of the new Sudanese government head and members of the Sovereign Council will be announced within a week


The Commander-in-Chief of the Sudanese army, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, said that the names of the new head of government and the new members of the Sovereignty Council will be announced within a week at the latest.

In statements to “Sputnik”, published today, Friday, Al-Burhan said: “I hope that the prime minister and members of the Sovereignty Council will be chosen within a week at most,” continuing: “We will not interfere in the selection of ministers, but the prime minister who will agree on him from various sectors will choose them. The Sudanese people, and we will not interfere with whomever they choose.”

Regarding the selection of the new prime minister, Al-Burhan said, “We will choose the prime minister who will belong to the technocrats,” adding, “The former prime minister was chosen by consensus between the political and military forces, and now the political forces do not exist, and we have a national responsibility and obligation that we lead and assist in the transitional phase until holding elections.”

Last Monday, Al-Burhan announced the imposition of a state of emergency in the country and the dissolution of the Sovereignty Council and the Transitional Ministers, accusing the civilian component of the authority of “conspiracy and incitement against the army.”

A military force also arrested Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok at dawn last Monday, before he was later released, while some politicians and other officials were arrested, but they have not been released so far.

Government officials and Sudanese civil bodies described Al-Burhan’s steps as a “military coup”, while the latter considered it a correction to the transitional path.

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The measures announced by Al-Burhan drew wide international criticism, with calls for the release of detained politicians and officials, and a return to the democratic path.

Source: Sputnik