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Koronavirus a sport

Al Cove finished 17th in the World Cup Finals, and will fight for the Olympics at the World Championships

Modern pentathlon Jan Cove finished 17th in the World Cup Final. He will have to fight to start the Olympic Games until the last possible race, the World Cup in June in Cairo. Ondřej Svěchota ranked 27th today in Székesfehérvár at the first start in world elite competition.

Ivana Roachkova

Kufa prepared a huge mistake in parkour to place it in the Elite Ten. “Today, unfortunately, I made a completely stupid mistake on horseback and it cost me a relatively specific measure. There is still a World Championship in Egypt, where everything is decided, but it could have been quiet,” Cove said.

“After fencing and swimming, he buried his fortunes in the third part of the horse … in the end it cost him 15 points, for example, that is, 15 seconds for a station wagon,” Cove said in a recording to the media.

Flach number one of the quintet had to undergo shoulder surgery three months before the Olympics

And won the final race from France Valentin Prades. From the Czech national team, Martin Flach started at the Olympic Games in Tokyo thanks to the bronze medal at the European Championships 2019. However, he is currently rehabilitating his shoulder after surgery. Elishka Pepilova and Ondeg Bolivka will also participate in the mixed relay competition on Sunday in Hungary.

World Cup Finals in the modern pentathlon in Székesfehérvár (Hungary):
1 Paradise 1479
2. Tolles (Brit) 1475
3- Lu Shui (China), 1471
17. The Cove 1432
27. Svikota (Both CR) 1391
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