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Al Darmaki, Chairman of the «Abu Dhabi Weightlifting Technique»

Abu Dhabi (Al Ittihad)

The Board of Directors of the Abu Dhabi Weightlifting Club, headed by Abdullah Issa Al Zaabi, formed its technical committee headed by Khalifa Hamad Al Darmaki, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, in its meeting held yesterday at its headquarters in Khalifa City (A), in the presence of Abdullah Hayy Al Shamsi and Abeer Abdul Hamid Amiri, members of the Board of Directors. The meeting was also attended by Khalifa Rashid Al Zaabi, Director of Support Services, and Avinash Bandu, Technical Director of the club, who briefed the council on his plans and technical programs, which aim to promote the sport of weightlifting in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and achieve achievements internationally and at the Olympics.
Al Zaabi praised the efforts made by the members of the Board of Directors to promote the sport of weightlifting. The meeting discussed the organization of the first Abu Dhabi Open Weightlifting Championship, the club’s strategic plan and reports related to the coming period.
The progress of the club’s plans for the 2023 sports season was also reviewed, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors praised the plans and programs established for the advancement of the sport of weightlifting, the foundations and work mechanisms established within the policy of the Board of Directors towards the advancement of the club, and the dissemination of the culture of weightlifting in Abu Dhabi in particular and the Emirates in general, and support and care for talented people and access They will be promoted to the local, regional and international podiums through cooperation, integration and building partnerships between all sports clubs and relevant institutions. The meeting also dealt with defining tasks and goals, following up on all sectors of the club, setting performance indicators and monitoring implementation periodically.
Abdullah Issa Al Zaabi stressed the need for coordination and harmony among the members of the Council to advance the club’s career, adding that there are tasks and responsibilities that fall on everyone, and hand in hand we can accomplish a lot.
It is worth noting that the technical coach, Bandu, has great training and academic experience, and has achieved many important achievements, most notably his leadership of the Indonesian national team to achieve two medals in the 2016 Rio Olympics. He is also a member of the Training and Research Committee of the International Federation of the Game. .

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