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Al-Hajraf: Qardahi's statements reflect a poor understanding and superficial reading

Al-Hajraf: Qardahi’s statements reflect a poor understanding and superficial reading

The Secretary-General denounced the exposure Lebanese Minister for both Kingdom Saudi Arabia that drives The Arab Coalition to Support Yemeni Legitimacy, and state UAE The United Arab Emirates during his speech, accusing them of attacking Yemen, at a time when the Arab coalition to support legitimacy is working to restore things to the right place before Houthi coup against legitimacy In September 2014.

The Secretary-General demanded Lebanese Minister of Information By referring to historical facts and reading their sequence, it becomes clear to him the size of the great support provided by the Arab coalition countries led by Saudi Arabia to support legitimacy for the Yemeni people in all fields and fields, with the aim of reaching a comprehensive solution to the Yemeni crisis in accordance with the three references represented by the Gulf initiative and its executive mechanism, the outcomes of the Yemeni dialogue, and the decision of the Council of Ministers. Security No. 2216.

Al-Falih denounced the Lebanese Minister of Information’s defense of Houthi coup group At a time when the Houthi intransigence against all international efforts aimed at ending the Yemeni crisis, while the Houthi group targets Saudi Arabia with missiles and marches, and at a time when the Houthi group targets the defenseless Yemeni people and prevents relief aid from reaching the stricken areas.

The Secretary-General called on the Lebanese Minister of Information not to overturn the facts, and also asked him to apologize for his rejected statements, stressing that the Lebanese state should clarify its position towards these statements.

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