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الاسماعيلى: عبدالرحمن مجدى لم يرتكب "جريمة" فى طوكيو واختلاف اللغة سبب الأزمة

Al-Ismaili: Abdel Rahman Magdy did not commit a “crime” in Tokyo, and the difference in language is the cause of the crisis

Alaa Waheed, the official spokesman for the Ismaili club, confirmed that the difference in cultures and the language factor was a major reason for the crisis of the player Abdel Rahman Magdy, the Ismaili player and the Olympic national team, during the Pharaohs’ trip to Tokyo 2020.

Alaa Waheed said in televised statements, “Abdel-Rahman Magdy did not commit a disgraceful act towards one of the workers of the Olympic team residence hotel in Tokyo. Otherwise, the technical staff led by Shawky Gharib issued a decision to return him to Egypt and exclude him from the camp, but the difference in language was a major cause of that crisis.”

The official spokesman for Ismaili added, “The team concludes its preparations to face the Pyramids tomorrow, Wednesday, and it is a very difficult match, like the rest of the upcoming matches for the Dervishes. The pressure of the matches puts all clubs under great pressure due to the lack of time.”

The Football Association had issued a statement on the incident that came as follows: Within the framework of the transparency policy pursued by the Egyptian Football Association, during the presence of the Olympic team in Japan and a few hours before the second match, we received a complaint from the residence hotel against the player Abdel Rahman Magdy, which contained insulting one of the hotel workers, and immediately was excluded. The player definitively, although he confirmed that he did not intend to offend, and it is possible that the misunderstanding occurred due to the difference in language and culture. After the match, the investigation was carried out and the matter was contained in order to focus and provide stability for the rest of the players. We moved to another country to play the third match against Australia and then to the Olympic Village in Tokyo to play the quarter-final match. Then we headed to the airport and from there to Cairo, and after the team returned, with the safety of God, we decided to stop the player Abdul Rahman Magdy until the investigation is completed and the final decision is taken on him, due to his non-compliance and violation of the rules.

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