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Al Jasmi releases his Lebanese song “Ma Habebak”

Al Jasmi releases his Lebanese song “Ma Habebak”

Abu Dhabi (Etihad)
With his vision, his melodies and his singing, the Emirati artist Hussein Al Jasmi, “The Extraordinary Delegated Ambassador”, thrilled the audience with his new song in the Lebanese dialect, “Ma Habbak”, which conveyed feelings of love and affection, by saying: “More sure.” Contrary to all expectations raised in her “promo”, her words translate a lot of sentiment and romantic phrases.

Al Jasmi collaborated in his first Lebanese singing work “Ma Bahebak” with the Lebanese poet Mounir Assaf, and the process of arranging, mixing and mastering the Lebanese Maestro Hadi Sharara, presented a new style with his artistic and lyrical vision. The song records a clear, beautiful and distinctive difference among the Lebanese songs, which enjoy a wide Arab spread.

The words “what is your love” include a description of love, adoration, and the feelings of the lover. Its beginning says:
By my life I would never leave you..and I will never take you back.
Originally, I couldn’t be further from you.
You are not my second text.. Nor with your eyes is my address
You are closer to my soul.. than I am
May the sky what love you..may the sea what love you
Drive the air what you love..more sure
With your love, the world will be saved.. and the precious one is licensed
And time for love to diminish.. my love to increase

The song “Ma Hobbak” was also distinguished by the special design of the song’s video, which carried a beautiful, modern vision, and was released on the official channel of the artist Hussein Al Jasmi on YouTube, and included the lyrics of the song, in addition to its presentation on specialized electronic platforms, and through Gulf and Arab radio stations.

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