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Al Jasmi shares Egypt's joy of October celebrations

Al Jasmi shares Egypt’s joy of October celebrations

With words and feelings of love for Egypt, the artist Hussein Al Jasmi performed a party in Cairo on the occasion of the 48th anniversary of the glorious October victories, last Thursday evening, in the presence of a large elite of different Arab nationalities and a number of art and media stars and celebrities, moving between a large number of national, emotional and social songs.
The ceremony, which was built a special stage for him in the courtyard of the Al-Massa Hotel in Nasr City, with the highest and latest specifications of sound, lighting and decorations, the launch of fireworks to celebrate the occasion with the entry of Hussein Al Jasmi to the tunes of the song “Taslam Your Hand” and between the paragraphs of the ceremony and at the end of which was with the song “Bilbt” .
Al-Jasmi said: “Today, feelings are a second need that you don’t describe with words, their feeling is exceptional because we all share the love of Egypt.” He added, “Today, I am in my house among my beloved in Egypt, who is very, very dear to all of our hearts.” He thanked his invitation to celebrate the ceremony, saying: “We love you, Egypt, and we rejoice every time we are on your land, thank you for your presence, thank you for this wonderful organization and the kind invitation from Al-Massa Hotel, thank you to my brother Major General Ahmed El-Shazly for all his efforts with us to make this concert a success. And frankly, Egypt is what I left in my heart.”
In his lyrical program, Al Jasmi moved between the songs “Sitt Al-Sabah,” “Bahebak Wahshetini,” “Barawa,” “Very Important,” “The Complainant,” “I Love You,” “We Name Our Passion,” “God Is Not Equal,” and “I miss you.” My world, “Good skin”, “Ajda people”, “The Year of Life”, “The Secret of Happiness”, and “Ridak”.

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