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Al-Kabeer's wife reveals how she "turned the world in half an hour"!

Al-Kabeer’s wife reveals how she “turned the world in half an hour”!

A state of controversy that she raised with her first appearance on the small screen, as many comedians, media stars and many others praised her, and her pictures are everywhere, and some have likened her wedding in the sixth part of the series “The Big Oy”, to a Sunni wedding in “I will not live.” In my father’s robes, and some of them likened her to international stars Jennifer Aniston and Carrie Fisher, both of whom had the two jokes that she made her first appearance through the “Profitable” character.

All these comments and others pleased the artist, Rahma Ahmed Farag, who believes that her participation in the sixth part of “The Big Away” is one of the most enjoyable moments in the world, and that she has learned a lot in this work, which is shown during the month of Ramadan. And he was able to lead the search indicators on the “Google” website, but also top the trend in many social networking sites, and about her participation in the work she had a dialogue with the “Al” website.

Rahma Ahmed

* How did you feel when you were handed the script and read the “Profitable” character?

** It was a mixed feeling between fear and joy at the same time, I was a little nervous because of the wide space of my role, but I fell in love with her since I read the paper, which made me present the character in the desired way.

* How were you nominated? How were the scenes?

** I was nominated by more than one person for the women’s championship, as I learned about the nomination of director Ahmed El-Gendy for me some time ago, and he came to watch me in the theatrical performance “Dejavu” at Al-Hanager Theatre, and was accompanied by the artist Ahmed Makki and a number of the work team. And then they called me to do the role, and I had a very big problem with the Sa’idi dialect, so Makki advised me that I study the previous parts of the series, and the truth helped me a lot, as I learned the dialect after a while, and the truth is that I remember that in the scenes of the preparations we read the papers and talked about the details of the “profitable” character.

Rahma Ahmed from the series

Rahma Ahmed from the series

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The role took a lot of time, and I remembered it for a long time on paper, and reviewed the director and co-workers, until this character came out with this success to the audience, which I am proud to present in front of millions of Egyptians and Arabs.

And when I met with Ahmed Mekky, I found him very nice and comfortable in dealing with him. He hears what you have, and supports me throughout filming, as I used to feel anxious whenever I was worried, in addition to being a smart person. It’s a fun experience, great work, and a team that gives me complete comfort in the work. I was apprehensive and worried about the role, but the work cycle distracted me from thinking, and Al-Jundi and Makki were very cooperative in order to produce the most beautiful scenes that the audience of different age groups admired.

Profitable in a scene from the series

Profitable in a scene from the series

* The wedding night scene achieved extraordinary views, especially the electric woman scene?

** I was laughing myself when performing the scene of “The Night of the Dakhla”, which spread widely on social media, and appeared in comic clothes and sets, written in the script of the series, and I felt that it would be great from the first moment. The scene was very sweet and very funny on paper, and there was room for improvisation, so we came out better. The scene was repeated more than once because of the laughter that prevailed in the photography, and in fact, the artist Ahmed Mekki absorbed me and was keen to break the barriers that might worry me.

*But although this scene is comical, some people stopped at the nursing clothes and a problem occurred.. Did you want to clarify this matter?

** I did not want to clarify at all, meaning that I want to clarify something, then it is not clear, the scene is not intended to insult, but its purpose is comedy. All people were laughing at the scene, and this means that it was able to reach the goal, as it is the required reaction, so no other reaction was required. Nursing is a highly respected profession, and they cannot in any way mean to insult or offend them, as this profession is a very great need.

there is no series "the big oy"

The series “The Big Oy”

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* What were the most difficult scenes in the series that you faced while filming?

** I was interested in all the scenes and sought to get them out in the best picture that satisfies the director and the work team, but there is a scene that has a special nature far from the difficulty, which is the scenes of the crews. The scene got a lot of laughs during filming, especially as it included a lot of improvisation. And from my follow-up to the reactions, I find that the most influential episodes with the audience is the scene of the “profitable” crews on the night of the wedding, and after that the “Squid Jim” episodes, and I found the reactions very wonderful, and I followed the comments with the utmost wit, and each of them mastered writing comic comics, and after Every episode I make sure to follow all the comics on the series that the audience publishes and they make me laugh a lot.

* Did El-Gendy and Makki have any notes on your performance of the character?

** The truth is the director Ahmed Al-Jundi was interested in every detail of the character, as well as the image, and helped me empty all my acting energy and not be afraid of the camera. He put it to good use in comedy and laughter; To put it in its rightful place, as for Ahmed Makki, he is a first-class artist, and no matter what I talk about, I will not fulfill his right on a professional or human level. Which I benefited a lot from, to the point that I did not feel any difficulty in performing the role, and “I am acting while I’m losing my hand.” In fact, I love comedy very much, even if it is the most difficult of the arts, and at the same time I hope to have the opportunity to present myself in a different color than comedy.

Rahma Ahmed

Rahma Ahmed

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How did you receive the praise of many critics, media professionals and the public?

** I was very happy with these praises, whether from the public or art critics and the media, especially the media, Amr Adib, who said that I “turned the world in half an hour”, and it is a great tribute from a great journalist, and I hope to be at the good expectations of everyone who praised me always, because I always have I dreamed of getting to the point where I am doing a work that affects people and makes a real change in society and on the ground, such as “Boji and Tamtam” because it is the most artistic work associated with Ramadan with me.

*As a theater actress, have you had space for improvisation at work?

** I benefited from many things from being a theater actress, including breaking the barrier of fear, quick-wittedness at work, and my ability to “throw a cup” in a way that fits with the scene I present, and in “The Big Oy”, director Ahmed Al-Jundi helped me and left me room for improvisation, And then choose what can fit the scene.

* Were you offered any work in drama before the series “The Great”?

** All the works that I presented before “The Great” were plays between the university theater, and finally, the “Deja vu” show, which lasted for nearly 5 seasons, and with it, I participated in the “Amin and Partners” program with Ahmed Amin.