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Al-Khamisi's meeting reveals her suffering with the makeup of the birthmark in "Hatta Min Al-Qamar" and video

Al-Khamisi’s meeting reveals her suffering with the makeup of the birthmark in “Hatta Min Al-Qamar” and video

Thank you for reading the news about Al-Khamisi’s meeting reveals her suffering with the makeup of the birthmark in “Hatta Min Al-Qamar” .. photos and videos and now with the details of the news

Cairo – Samia Sayed – The artist, Liqa al-Khamisi, revealed that the makeup of the big birthmark in which she presented the character of Qamar in the story “Hata Min Al Qamar” from the series “Zay Al Qamar” that was recently shown on the channel cbcIt takes an hour and a half, and likewise to remove it from the face, explaining: “He would get infections, of course, and the eyelashes stick because it’s all sticky, and the skin-like factor actually takes shape and everything has hair on it.”

Al-Khamisi’s meeting in the “Gulf 365” symposium indicated that she suffered with this mask during the filming period and was feeling sore, inflammation and pimples on her face, a sign: “The make-up was very smart, because I saw the pictures, the kobe best, clean the wrinkle, the same pits, and every need, praise be to God, I also have to thank you.” Director Mohamed Hamaki, because he is a director who is not selfish.

Al-Khamisi meeting in a spot of the moon

And about the reactions after the episodes were shown, a meeting revealed: “I did not see the first episode because I was busy with filming, and I was asking behind the scenes what happened after the episode was shown, and I want to say, there were reactions to many of my works before that, but in my life I was not affected like that. I was affected by “Even from the moon”, and how many people send me pictures of on the social media, and you say that you said what I myself say.

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A meeting confirmed her great happiness with this, and considered that the most beautiful of us, people began to dare to publish their photos, and comments on their photos were like the moon, which is the name of the series, and the hashtag was used from the moon.

Al-Khamisi’s meeting celebrated the success of his story “Hatta Min Al Qamar” from the series “Zay Al Qamar” in the “Gulf 365” symposium, in the presence of the author of the story, Mirna El-Feki, and the work producer Maha Selim, and co-starring Muhammad Al-Amrousi, Gilan Alaa, Aida Riad, Lamia Karam, Amjad Abed, Mahmoud El Sharkawy, Ahmed Khairy, Shady Sorour, Maryam Saleh and directed by Mohamed Abdel Rahman Hamaki.

Khamisi meeting

Al-Khamisi meeting from the Gulf 365 symposium

Khamisi meeting

Thursday’s meeting

WhatsApp image 12-19-2021 at 11.16.29 pm
Al-Khamisi meeting in the Gulf 365 symposium

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