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الخطيب عن العامرى ومرتجى: هل يعقل أن أضم نائب رئيس وأمين صندوق بينهما خلاف؟

Al-Khatib on the authority of Al-Amiri and Murtaja: Is it possible for me to include a vice president and treasurer between whom there is a dispute?

confirmed Mahmoud Khatib, chairman Ahly clubTalking about the differences between Al-Amri Farouk and Khaled Murtaja is baseless, and any disagreement is always subject to the opinion of the majority and everyone defends the decision.

Mahmoud Al-Khatib said during his interview with the journalist Ahmed Schubert on the “On Time Stadium” program broadcast on Ontime Sports: “Who says that there are differences that have reached a rupture between Al-Amiri and Murtaji? We resort to the opinion of the majority… Is it possible for me to include a vice president and a treasurer on the list, between whom there is a dispute?”

Al-Khatib added: “Al-Amri Farouk is an administrative value and a former Minister of Sports. He is familiar with all the details, and when I want to know anything, I resort to it because he can give you all the details calmly.”

He explained: “Lamia Mokhtar was among my options as an over-aged female element, but we chose Mai Atef in the youth, because she is a new cadre that we seek to add in the future to the Al-Ahly administration, after a nomination by Walid Mabrouk.”

He added: I felt some pain in the eye while receiving the Tunisian Esperance mission, and I went to the hospital and was surprised by the presence of Schubert half an hour after my arrival, and I informed the 8 members to submit their nomination papers while I was in the hospital.

And he continued, “I reached a list of 8 names as members, including Khaled Abdel Qader, and a name had to be taken out from between them. Khaled came to me and said I am the latest person in the 8 people, and I think that it is in Al-Ahly’s interest that those in the list are better than me.”

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