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Al-Khouli: Al-Samil faced the pressure alone... and FIFA will decide the Hamdallah case

Al-Khouli: Al-Samil faced the pressure alone… and FIFA will decide the Hamdallah case

Al-Muhammadi said that the prestige of the “Center” was shaken… and demanded an investigation into the leakage of the arbitrators’ names

While the case of Al-Ittihad club striker Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah with Al-Nasr turned into a “case of issues” in the Saudi sports street, the arbitration center’s decision to suspend the penalty of Moroccan Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah and allow him to participate with the team increased, and the subsequent request of the arbitrator Sultan Al-Samil to step down from Looking into the dispute between the two clubs, Dr. Omar Al-Khouli, the legal advisor, confirmed that Al-Samel’s reluctance to consider the dispute is a disqualification, not a stepping down, due to the pressures that the center and the arbitrator were subjected to, and said that it contributed to shaking the confidence of the sports community in the center, which was supposed to be a haven. The safe judiciary that clubs and athletes resort to.

Al-Khouli said, in an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat, that what Al-Samel was exposed to is frankly unacceptable, adding: “The center was supposed to protect its members from the arbitrators, and when the arbitrator joins the center and takes over a dispute, he signs papers that oblige him to be independent. He is completely independent of the parties to the disputes, and he does not have any current or potential relationship between the two parties, as well as stipulating that he has no interest in the dispute.

Lawyer Al-Khouli wondered about the continuation of Saleh Al-Obaidli as an arbitrator in the dispute? He justified this by the clear relationship that he had with Al-Nasr President Musli Al Muammar, and said: “Al-Obaidli worked under the management of Muammar Muammar during his presidency of the Professional League League, as well as he worked in the Football Association in an earlier period, which was something that was supposed to be taken into account when accepting an arbitrator in the dispute. ».

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Hamdallah during Al-Raed’s last confrontation (Photo: Bashir Saleh)

The legal lawyer was also surprised that the Sports Arbitration Center did not send the full list of arbitrators to the Al-Ittihad Club to be able to choose from it, noting: “The Arbitration Center only sent 8 arbitrators, including 3 Arab arbitrators, which reduces the options available to the federalists and its officials who did not specify their choice for the alternative arbitrator. in consideration of the dispute.

Al-Khouli revealed that according to the information received by him, the case of striker Abdel Razzaq Hamdallah will be resolved within the next few days by the International Football Association “FIFA” to close this long-running dispute without justification.

Al-Khouli stressed that the resumption of the dispute procedures will be at the part during which consideration of the dispute was suspended, “that is, after the decision to suspend the suspension penalty related to the player Hamdallah; Where the dispute will be considered in an objective manner and a decision will be taken, either to cancel the decision of the Professionalism Committee and the Players’ Conditions, or to support or tighten it, because the suspension of the penalty related to the praise of God is a formal decision, and was taken in accordance with Article 29 of the procedural rules of the Center and is not subject to retreat or appeal.

For his part, Khaled Al-Mohammadi, the legal advisor, confirmed in his interview with Asharq Al-Awsat that Sultan Al-Samel’s decision to step down from looking into the dispute brought down the prestige of the Sports Arbitration Center, especially since the arbitrator’s resignation came after pressures he was exposed to on social media, and not in accordance with Article 28 of the rules procedures, he said.

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Al-Mahmadi said: “The rules of procedure related to the center stipulate that the arbitrator shall not have a direct or indirect interest with one of the parties to the dispute… and shall not have any relationship with the parties to the dispute, and therefore the resignation of the solemn arbitrator is not justified, but rather is the result of external pressures, and this is taken on the center of the dispute.” arbitration.”

He added: “The Arbitration Center is a sports judicial body and the highest authority in sports litigation. And if its prestige is shaken, there is no longer any confidence in any decision it issues, which calls for a review of the arbitrators at the center, and accurate tests of the arbitrators’ personality.”

He pointed out that “the resumption of the dispute procedures will be from where the arbitration panel stopped by suspending the penalty related to the player Hamdallah, as the decision is not subject to appeal, while the dispute will be considered objectively.”

The Legal Counsel stressed that the arbitral tribunal’s acceptance of the union’s request for temporary measures is a sound decision, and was not supposed to respond to external pressures and the arbitrator Sultan Al-Samel to step down, expecting that any decisions issued by the Center may witness the same scenario of questioning and researching the arbitrators’ secrets and so on.

Al-Muhammadi called on the Sports Arbitration Center to conduct an investigation into how the arbitrators’ names were leaked and to hold accountable those who did so, noting that “the names of the arbitrators are supposed to be an unimportant matter for the sports community. Judicial, and the arbitrator Sultan Al-Samel is not an arbitrator for Al-Ittihad Club.

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Being the one who chose him, rather he is an arbitrator whose honesty, ability, and knowledge has been accepted by the Al-Ittihad club, and he chose him to be fair, and the Center’s failure to protect the arbitrators whom it appointed to look into the dispute will have repercussions in a decision you take in the same scenario of skepticism.”

On August 2, the Professional Committee announced a 4-month suspension with a fine of 300,000 riyals for the player Hamdallah, against the background of Al-Nasr Club’s complaint, before Al-Ittihad club appealed the decision issued by the committee, and he received a letter from the Sports Arbitration Center stating that the penalty was suspended. taken on the player and the possibility of his participation with the team.

Al-Nasr Club had filed a case against Al-Ittihad club and its striker, Hamad God, related to the illegality of the Moroccan player’s negotiation with Al-Ittihad, which prompted the Professional Committee, after completing all the investigation proceedings, to impose a penalty of suspension on Hamdallah, with a fine, in addition to suspending Al-Balawi for a period of 6 months. A fine of 300,000 riyals was imposed. Meanwhile, I decided to suspend the team manager, Mishaal Al-Saeed, for a period of 3 months.

The Professional Committee also decided to deprive Al-Ittihad Club of registering new players for one registration period, starting from the next registration period, and to impose a fine of 500,000 riyals.

The player Hamdallah was absent from participating with Al-Ittihad with the start of the league competitions in the last period, during which the justice and agreement teams faced each other.