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“Al Mandoos” in Ramadan… entertainment, fun and prizes


The entertainment and knowledge competition program “Al Mandoos” returns to Sama Dubai screen daily during Ramadan, to provide its fans with a hearty meal of questions, competitions and various grand prizes.

The presenter of the program, the journalist Abdullah Ismail, told Al-Bayan: “The Mandoos program has a long story with the audience, as it has been showing for more than 10 years, although it stopped for a few years, but the audience, whenever they encountered me in a place, did not stop asking me and my question.” About the new timing of the return of “Al Mandoos”, and therefore the generous management of the Dubai Media Corporation decided to re-broadcast the program in response to these public requests.

Ismail pointed out that the Ramadan competitions on television are a festive ritual, noting the existence of series and drama for sure, but it is difficult to have a television work that brings together the whole family, young and old, as does the “Al Mandoos” program. The father, mother and children all follow and interact with the participants and love to participate as well. With the aim of profit and competition, explaining that the program relies mainly on spontaneous daily speech and the Emirati dialect, Ramadan memories, and popular dishes, in addition to competitions and questions.

“Al Mandoos” is an interactive social program in a traditional form that combines entertainment and social life as well as modern technologies at the same time and in a unique style, indicating that the program touches on people and society issues.

one template

Ismail added in his statements to Al-Bayan: Every year we are keen to have beautiful, good and big prizes, but this year we have a very big prize that I cannot disclose until the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan, in addition to major daily prizes this year. The prizes are huge because our goal is to make people happy and happy.


The program will also bring back its popular spirit that shines on the worlds of the Emirati environment, and at the same time technology will be present, so that the topics of the program shed light on the foresight and spirit of the future in the Emirates, so that the originality of the past, the brilliance of the present, and the spirit of the future are combined in one template.

Emirati team

And about the work team that participated in this year, Abdullah Ismail stated that the team is all Emirati, preparing, presenting and directing, expressing his pride in the Emirati youth who supervise the preparation, presentation and directing of the program and their integration in working with the Arab brothers working in technical matters. Prepared by Nujud Al Suwaidi.

Followers of the program will enjoy the competitions for a full hour, and other programs on the channel will introduce and interview various personalities and guests.

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