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Al-Mansoori and Al-Niyadi will get the status of “operator” at the International Space Station “soon” – localities – other

Al-Mansoori and Al-Niyadi will get the status of “operator” at the International Space Station “soon” – localities – other

The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center announced that astronauts Hazza Al Mansouri and Sultan Al Neyadi will undergo an important exam that will enable them to work as an operator on the International Space Station.

The center stated, in a video broadcast on its official pages on social media platforms, that the two astronauts will soon take the final exam for the systems of the International Space Station, provided that this test simulates the daily work on board the International Station, in terms of dealing with computer systems, communications, various equipment, and methods. Counting, transporting and storing materials.

According to the center, this simulation will also include scenarios of malfunctions in electrical systems, refrigeration devices and computers, as it will test how astronauts deal with these cases in accordance with standard procedures and instructions from ground control centers, noting that after passing this exam, astronauts Hazza Al-Mansoori, Sultan Al Neyadi, ready to serve as an operator aboard the International Space Station.

Al-Mansoori and Al-Neyadi have spent more than eight months since joining the qualitative training at the Johnson Space Center, affiliated with NASA, during which they underwent many professional exercises, which included training on spacewalk missions outside the International Space Station, staying for long periods in it, and training Over the many operations that take place on board, including handling station systems and controlling robots.

The Emirati astronauts were also trained to complete the routine tasks performed by astronauts on board the International Space Station, such as operating and dealing with computer systems, storing and locating equipment, communicating with ground stations, maintaining, installing and repairing equipment, dealing with International Station systems, and controlling the spacecraft. robots.

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Al Mansouri and Al Neyadi also study at the center aerodynamics, physics and physiology, methods of tracking space ships, studying how rocket engines and flight mechanics work, and learning about other different sciences, such as geology that helps them learn about the nature of the moon’s surface, and other related cognitive matters.

The exercises that the astronaut received included training in the “Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory”, which is one of the most important methods to prepare astronauts for spacewalk missions, during which the body is suspended in a state between buoyancy and drowning, in a huge swimming pool, 202 feet long and wide. 102 feet, and 40 feet deep, a training that is one of the important experiences for astronauts, before any space flight, where the space suit is worn under the surface of the water, inside huge pools prepared for training, with the help of weights that maintain the level of the astronauts, by avoiding landing under the bottom, or To float to the surface, it comes to put the astronauts in a state similar to weightlessness and gravity.