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Al Mansouri and Al Neyadi continue maintenance exercises outside the “space station”

Al Mansouri and Al Neyadi continue maintenance exercises outside the “space station”

Amna Al Ketbi (Dubai)

The two Emirati astronauts, Hazza Al Mansouri and Sultan Al Neyadi, underwent training at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, including maintenance operations outside the International Space Station. During their training, they use the ARGOS system, which helps them simulate microgravity and other space environments.
The two Emirati astronauts are continuing specific training at the Johnson Space Center, which included theoretical classes and practical training on the T-38 aircraft.
The practical exercises included planning the flight path and communicating with air navigation control towers, in addition to maneuvering the aircraft, exposure to high acceleration forces, and dealing with emergencies, in addition to theoretical classes for in-plane control systems, radar, communications, navigation and emergency systems, in order to qualify them to be “operators”. for the International Space Station.
Al Mansouri and Al Neyadi trained in the Virtual Reality Laboratory, which helps astronauts train on different and accurate equipment and tasks, including simulating the external maintenance process of the International Space Station during spacewalks, in addition to their beginning to fly the T-38 planes, where they learn about the components of the plane, and systems Control, navigation, standard and emergency procedures, especially that working inside the aircraft is dynamic, and requires mental presence and speed of response, which simulates work in spacecraft.
The training operations included training on the T-38 jet plane, driving it during ascent and landing, and performing maneuvers at altitudes of more than 5 kilometers, in addition to learning the plane’s electricity, how to use the rescue chair, and making standard procedures similar to some missions of the International Space Station. The exercises also include the routine tasks that astronauts perform aboard the International Space Station, such as operating and handling computer systems, storing and locating equipment, communicating with ground stations, maintaining, installing and repairing equipment, dealing with ISS systems, and controlling robots. In addition, the two astronauts in the center study aerodynamics, physics and physiology, methods of tracking space ships, studying how rocket engines work and flight mechanics, and learning about other different sciences, such as geology that helps them learn about the nature of the moon’s surface, and other related matters. cognitive.
The neutral buoyancy laboratory exercises are one of the most important methods to prepare astronauts for spacewalk missions, during which the body is suspended in a state between buoyancy and drowning, in a huge swimming pool, 202 feet long, 102 feet wide, and 40 feet deep. One of the important experiences for astronauts, before any space flight, where the space suit is worn under the surface of the water, inside huge basins prepared for training, with the help of weights that maintain the level of the astronauts, by avoiding landing under the bottom, or floating to the surface, and this comes to put the astronauts Space is in a state similar to weightlessness and gravity. They spend 6 hours underwater, which is equivalent to an hour in space.

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9 months
The two astronauts have spent 9 months now since joining the Johnson Center training, during which they have undergone a lot of professional training, which includes training on spacewalk missions outside the International Space Station, staying for long periods in it, and training on many of the operations that take place on board, including handling With terminal systems and robotics control.