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Al Matrooshi and Al Mulla prepare for the second year training at NASA

Dubai: «Gulf»
The pioneers of the second batch of the Emirates Astronaut Programme, Muhammad Al Mulla and Noura Al Matrooshi, are preparing for the second year of the training program at NASA, within the 23rd batch, which includes, in addition to them, 10 American astronauts, after they have completed 50% of the training. Intensive, which started early last year 2022.

The two astronauts underwent survival training in various environments, which were conducted under the supervision of the NASA Johnson Space Center in Texas, with the aim of developing their capabilities and capabilities as operators of the International Space Station, and to be able to perform all the tasks of professional astronauts, which include maintenance, equipment installation, and repair. aboard the international terminal.

They also completed, earlier last year, a set of training on the basics of flight and training on the T-6 aircraft with the US Navy at the base of “Pensacola” in Florida, in addition to training on the centrifuge, to test the high acceleration forces “G”, which is a Measuring the effect of the body on acceleration, and this is represented in the suffering of the astronaut, for example, during the acceleration of the launch of the missile, or the suffering of the pilot when the plane deviates severely from the straight direction.

The two astronauts underwent a measurement of the EMU suit for spacewalk missions, which weighs 130 kg, and is equipped with a system that provides the pioneers with a suitable environment for life and work, during missions outside the International Station, in addition to taking the size of space gloves, using laser scanning technology and triple computer modeling. Dimensions, they also went through a training week of geology camping in the Taos region, New Mexico.

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