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Al-Najma is the champion of the Lebanon Cup at the expense of rivals Al-Ansar

Al-Najma is the champion of the Lebanon Cup at the expense of rivals Al-Ansar

Nejmeh Club crowned its first official title since 2016, by winning the Lebanese Football Cup for the seventh time in its history, after defeating its traditional rivals Al-Ansar 2-1 Saturday in the final match at the stadium of President Fouad Shehab Sports Complex in Jounieh (north of Beirut).

Al-Nijmeh saved his season after he finished seventh in the General League, while Al-Ansar failed to retain the title after winning it last year for the 15th time in its history (a record).

Al-Ahed had regained the league title from Al-Ansar about a month ago.

The match started with a field advantage for Al-Ansar, led by Jordanian coach Abdullah Abu Zama, and the first chance in the match was in the interest of the green team through Karim Darwish’s shot along the right post (3), and the star responded with a header to his international defender Qassem Al-Zein over the goal (5).

Al-Ansar relied on the breakthroughs of its international star, Hassan Maatouk, who shot a long ball that was controlled by the international star goalkeeper Ali Al-Sabaa (25).

In the absence of Al-Ansar defenders, Al-Najma striker Ali Ala Al-Din slipped and headed the ball past goalkeeper Nazih Asaad, after a cross from Edmond Shehadeh, opening the scoring for Al-Nahiri team (37).

The “Green Leader” continued his field advantage in the second half, and was able to equalize after a long-range missile shot by Malian defender Ishaka Diarra that settled in the net of seven (63).

The coach of the Tunisian star, Tariq Jaraya, made a series of substitutions, the most prominent of which was the payment of the 38-year-old veteran striker, Mohamed Ghaddar.

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And Al-Ansar pressured in the remaining time without succeeding in reaching the nets of his eternal opponent.

The match witnessed skirmishes and disputes between the two fans, which resulted in several injuries, as they were thrown at the plastic chairs.

It is the second victory for Al-Najma in five final matches against Al-Ansar, and the title will allow the Al-Khenabi team to participate in the AFC Cup competition next season, while Al-Ansar left the season empty-handed, knowing that it was the runner-up of the champion Al-Ahed in the league competition.