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Al Neyadi shows how astronauts maintain their personal hygiene

Dubai: Yamama Badwan

Sultan Al Neyadi, the Emirati astronaut, confirmed that the astronauts maintaining their personal hygiene at the International Station are daily behaviors, and it is also a necessity, and the situation is similar to Earth in many cases, according to a video clip of 3 minutes and 53 seconds, which he posted on Twitter. .

He explained that the day of the pioneers on board the international station begins in the morning with brushing the teeth, as some pioneers swallow the paste, but he does not like this method, and uses paper tissues to get rid of the rest of the paste from his mouth, then the pioneers practice daily exercise, followed by showering, but it differs from what It is followed on the ground, as it is carried out using a towel-like package containing an antiseptic solution, which is filled with water from a specific place, to be used by wiping the entire body, head and face.

ablution and prayer

Regarding his use of water for ablution and prayer, Al-Neyadi said that the most appropriate way, due to the feature of “surface tension” and his inability to wash his face directly with water, as it turns into bubbling droplets, is to use a “towel” that is wetted with water.

Al Neyadi also reviewed the “space shampoo”, which does not require water to wash the hair, but rather is done by massaging the scalp, and then wiping it with a towel, as is the case with the “balsam” hair conditioner.

During the video clip, the Emirati astronaut touched on the existence of a section on the space station called “Hygiene”, which includes the astronauts’ personal tools, such as razors, nail clippers, and a hair brush, for daily personal hygiene.

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