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الصورة : أعمال وفعاليات نوعية في المهرجان بنسخة هذا العام

Al Salti, Personality of the Year in Dubai Youth Theatre.

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The Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, “Dubai Culture”, revealed the selection of the great Emirati actor, director and author, Mohammed Saeed Al-Salti, to give him the title of “Theatrical Personality of the Year” in this year’s edition of the “Dubai Festival for Youth Theater”, where he will be awarded the award during the closing ceremony of the festival, which Its activities will start on November 19 and will continue until November 25. On this occasion, Saeed Mubarak bin Kharbash, Executive Director of the Arts and Literature Sector at Dubai Culture, confirmed that the decision of the organizing committee of the festival to honor the able Emirati creator, Mohammed Saeed Al-Salti, came in celebration of his history full of achievements, and in appreciation of his exceptional contributions to serving and developing the theatrical movement in the UAE. The United Arab Emirates in general and youth theater in particular.

Kharbash said: “The artist, Mohammed Saeed Al-Salti, has decades of experience in theatrical work of acting, writing and directing, during which he was a role model for the generation of young playwrights and a shining model for the Emirati creator who contributed to shaping the features of the modern theatrical movement in the country, enriching the national theater and upgrading theatrical work through his works that It highlights contemporary issues. We are honored to award the Salti artist the Theatrical Personality of the Year award.


In turn, Fatima Al Jallaf, Acting Director of the Performing Arts Department at Dubai Culture, expressed her pride in honoring the artist, Mohammed Al Salti, as theatrical personality of the year at the Dubai Festival for Youth Theater 2021, noting that he was qualified to win this award as one of the faces of the Emirati theater whose influence has not been lost on his movement. She said: “The inspiring artist, Muhammad Saeed Al-Salti, has excelled in theatrical work as an actor, author and director, and has clear fingerprints in the field of research and training, leaving a tangible impact in enhancing the experiences of the new generation of Emirati theater artists.”

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It is noteworthy that Salti holds certificates in training courses and many scientific experiences, the most important of which is the first training course in 1982 organized by the Ministry of Information and Culture, and the second course on clown art in Tunis on the sidelines of the Carthage Festival. He presented many courses and workshops for young people, including the Dubai Performing Arts Program organized by the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority. And his contributions to putting forward the developmental ideas of the Emirati theater in the Emirate of Dubai within the Creative Laboratory for Performing Arts in 2019.


Muhammad Saeed Al-Salti is considered one of the founding symbols of Emirati theater, as he was the first director in the Ministry of Culture and Youth since the early days, and he is a founding member of the Dubai Folk Theater since 1976, as well as the Association of Playwrights in the Emirate of Sharjah. He participated as an actor and director in a number of television and radio series and plays, and authored, prepared and directed many theater and television works.