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اللوحات الرئيسة تتزين بعبارات تتضمن هوية اليوم الوطني

Al-Sharqiya squares are decorated with more than 13,000 Saudi flags in celebration of the 91st National Day

The squares of the cities and governorates of the Eastern Province were decorated with the Kingdom’s flags and pictures of rulers, in celebration of the 91st National Day. The Eastern Region Municipality completed its plan on this occasion by installing more than 13,000 flags, in addition to installing 6,000 lights to decorate the lighting poles, as well as electronic advertising screens.

The official spokesman of the Municipality, Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Al-Safyan, explained that as an expression of this occasion, an integrated plan was developed, in coordination with all departments of the Agency for Reconstruction and Projects, as well as officials in the municipalities, in order to participate in this occasion, where he said: “According to the directives of the Governor of the Eastern Province, And his deputy, as well as the Secretary of the Secretariat, Eng. Fahd Al-Jubeir, and in their eagerness to participate beautifully in this occasion, all capabilities that serve the eastern region have been harnessed, given that this occasion represents a special importance for all citizens, whether from the people of the eastern region or other regions in the Kingdom.

Al-Safyan pointed out that the Municipality is always keen to participate in national events by preparing gardens, parks and beaches to receive residents and visitors, explaining that about 948 gardens and parks have been prepared, as well as street pillars, main roads and squares, as well as entrances and waterfronts, while the total area of ​​green areas that It was equipped within 14 million square meters, as well as maintenance of the walking tracks, which amount to 196 walks, with a length of more than 241,000 linear meters.

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Al-Safiyan noted that among the programs of the National Day celebration, a number of different activities will be held, as he said: “These events include organizing entertainment and cultural sessions in a number of public sites with the participation of popular teams. Many congratulatory messages will also be sent to the people of the eastern region to enhance the value of loyalty and belonging to the homeland.” . Emphasizing that everyone adhere to precautionary measures and health measures, while going to public places, and preserve public gains for everyone to enjoy.