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Al-Sulayya renews the Al-Ahly and Zamalek skirmishes

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A number of Al-Ahly and Zamalek fans engaged in heated skirmishes, after the Egyptian team lost 1-0 against the Tunisian team in the semi-finals of the Arab Football Cup, which is currently hosted by Qatar, and the goal that came with friendly fire was scored by the Egyptian midfielder Amr. Al-Sulayya accidentally hit his own net, which caused the skirmishes that took place between Red and White fans, on social media.

The Egyptian team set a date to meet the Qatari team, next Saturday, in the match to determine the third and fourth places, while the Tunisian and Algerian teams will be both sides of the final match, in an all-African final, and the “Pharaohs” have an opportunity to win the bronze medal, and repeat what happened in the fifth edition of the tournament. , hosted by Jordan in 1988.

Since the whistle at the end of the Egypt-Tunisia match, a public skirmish has started, the owners of which did not know the meaning of uniting to encourage the Egyptian team, and Al-Ahly midfielder, Amr Al-Sulayya, was subjected to a sharp attack by Zamalek fans, after he scored a goal by mistake in his own net in the last seconds of his life The match, with which Tunisia was awarded a ticket to the final match.

Zamalek fans accused Al-Ahly midfielder of causing their country to bid farewell to the Arab Cup, and to lose the opportunity to compete for the title, after he scored a goal in his net by mistake, and Mohamed El-Shennawy, Egypt goalkeeper, failed to save his goal from Amr Al-Solaya’s header, which he turned by mistake to live in the corner left for goal.

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While Al-Ahly fans responded through their personal pages on social networking sites, blaming Mustafa Fathi, the Egyptian wing and Zamalek club, who missed the opportunity of an investigator’s goal for his country, in the last minutes of the match, after he hit a strong ball from inside the penalty area over the crossbar, then Then he returned and made a mistake in the calculated time instead of the missed one, which was the mistake that came from the only goal of the match.

Al-Ahly fans tried to distance the responsibility for the Egyptian team’s loss from Amr Al-Soliya, by pointing out that Mustafa Fathi missed the opportunity to advance for the Pharaohs, and made the mistake that came from the goal.

Away from this mass match full of fanaticism, Amr Al-Sulayya received great support from the stars of Zamalek, whether former or current, as Imam Ashour, the Zamalek player, was keen to support Al-Sulayya, and Ashour published on his Facebook page, a picture of Amr Al-Sulayya commenting: Raise your head, O Champion, you did a great tournament and consistent performance, you gave 100% of your effort.. Jay is better.

While Khaled Al-Ghandour, the former Zamalek player, also wrote on Facebook: “You do not care, Amr, you are a big player, and the error is possible, and we have the most important challenges for the coming period, whether the Nations Cup or reaching the World Cup.”