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Alert in Morocco after exam paper was leaked

Alert in Morocco after exam paper was leaked

Before starting exams With hours, trading pioneers Social MediaNews of the publication of the national examination papers for the scientific and technical people related to physics.

The news of the circulation of the paper was alarmed Physics exam All educational, pedagogical and security frameworks in order to reveal the reasons for the leakage of this paper.

A source confirmed from Ministry of Education Nationality, Elementary Education and Sports told “Sky News Arabia” that the matter was not related to a leak, as it was promoted, because this did not happen before the candidates entered the examination centers and halls.

The source added that, practically, there can be no policeman for each student to monitor all the candidates who bring in some delicate electronic devices and advanced equipment with them, in the absence of everyone, which is why it was not possible to control these cases, which remain individual.

Regarding the penalties that may be imposed on those who carry out such practices, Kandsi Abdel Nour, a researcher in private law at Mohammed V University in Rabat, said in an interview with the “Sky News Arabia” website that according to the Moroccan criminal law, disciplinary penalties range against anyone caught red-handed. cheating in school examsFrom granting a score of zero in the test of the subject in which the cheating was practiced, and canceling the points of all the subjects of the relevant course, to excluding from passing the exam for two consecutive academic years.

Abdel Nour explained that this penalty “applies to cases of exchanging information in writing or orally between female and male candidates, possession or use of unauthorized machines and electronic means, documents or manuscripts during exams, as well as cases of cheating based on evidence, which are monitored by the correctors during the examination process. correction and evaluation.

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He pointed out that the law also includes “Criminal penalties It ranges from imprisonment from six months to five years and a fine of between 5 thousand and 100 thousand dirhams, and it applies to cases of providing and using forged documents in order to participate in the exam and impersonating a candidate or candidate to pass it, as well as in the case of leakage of exam subjects by each official, intervenor or participant. in editing, transferring or protecting the papers and subjects of the school examination.

And Abdel Nour continued: “This penalty is also applied to non-candidate shareholders in answering the exam questions, whether inside or outside the exam center and facilitating their circulation, and trading in exam topics and answers through the use of traditional or electronic means and facilitating their circulation individually or within the framework of networks.” .

The Minister of Education threatens cheaters

Chakib Benmoussa, Minister of National Education, confirmed that the ministry will be firm in dealing with cases cheatingPunishing those caught red-handed, and following up those involved in fraud in accordance with the applicable laws.

According to Benmoussa, he met with the directors of the regional academies at the municipal level in order to emphasize the necessity of Anti cheat.

The National Security Services had arrested 6 suspects, suspected of being involved in cases related to the possession and promotion of electronic devices, before the start of secondary exams.

According to an official at the Ministry of National Education, to “Sky News Arabia”, there is coordination between the security interests and the Ministry of National Education in order to confront to leak test materials On the pages of social networking sites, and address fraud attempts.

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