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الجزائر تلعب ورقة "دبلوماسية المال" لمحاصرة المملكة في الفضاء المغاربي

Algeria is playing the “money diplomacy” card to besiege the Kingdom in the Maghreb space

After the diplomatic failure of its attempts to disrupt the territorial integrity of Morocco internationally and continentally, Algeria has no choice but to resort to financial diplomacy in the Maghreb space.

In this regard, the eastern neighbor announced the granting of a $300 million loan to Tunisia. It also announced on Tuesday the signing of a memorandum of understanding to build a road linking the cities of Tindouf and Zouerate with Mauritania, with a length of 800 km.

The cost of the road linking Tindouf and Azouirat in Mauritania is one billion dollars, a road that the Algerian media has long talked about opening in the face of the Algerian export movement, without actually having an effect.

Through this step, Algeria seeks to open up to West African countries, in a new attempt to crowd out the Guerguerat crossing, which links Morocco to its African depth.

A number of analysts believe that Algeria’s “money diplomacy” to besiege Morocco has not led to any result, due to Morocco’s reliance on a strong strategy characterized by networking its relations at the international, continental and regional levels.

In this regard, Khaled Chiat, professor of international relations at the Mohammed First University in Oujda, considers that “this strategy pursued by Algeria is not original, but rather draws from the basic needs of the Algerians.”

Al-Shayat recorded that “the Algerian moves aim to break the isolation of the Algerian regime, after its failure at the international level, whether at the African or Arab level or at the level of relations with the European Union,” and added: “After this failure, Algeria has nothing left but this narrow field, which is Maghreb space.

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The same professor points out that “Algeria has become adopting a strategy that does not exceed material advantages in exchange for certain actions or positions,” noting that “so far, it has not been proven that this material aspect has an impact on the anti-Moroccan strategic aspects.”

The same spokesman continued, “We are facing a bad way to download an unoriginal strategy,” noting that “cooperation strategies must be based on multi-field, multi-directional cooperation, with a specific agenda and a controlled program, which is the missing aspect in Algeria’s movements.”

Al-Shayat added: “There is a kind of impulse through which Algeria is trying to besiege Morocco. This is just what is there,” noting that “the road linking Tindouf and Zouerate remains meaningless because it does not link two economic poles,” and added: “This is an ordinary road, and it has no strategic dimension, except for what is in the imagination of Algeria’s generals.”

The same source pointed out that both Tunisia and Mauritania deal pragmatically with the Algerian “grants”, as long as the matter does not cost them political positions against Morocco.