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Algeria stops broadcasting the series "Love of the Kings" to undermine the sanctity of the month of Ramadan

Algeria stops broadcasting the series “Love of the Kings” to undermine the sanctity of the month of Ramadan

In the first official move against Ramadan programs, the Regulatory Authority ordered to stop broadcasting the series’ episodes for a week, starting on Monday, and obligated the channel’s management to submit an official apology to public opinion.

In a statement, the authority stated that it will take deterrent measures in the event that the channel violates this commitment.

and immediately responded AlNahar Channel To request the control authority, and apologized to the Algerian public and its followers.

An-Nahar explained in her apology letter that the scenes that sparked the controversy were broadcast inadvertently, and stressed that she did not intend to offend her viewers, and that she was keen to observe the values ​​of the Algerians.

The series “Love of Kings” is considered one of the most important Ramadan works shown on Algerian television channels, and it is a Tunisian production, by the Tunisian director Nasr El Din Sohaili It was filmed in Tunisia.

The television work brings together a group of prominent Tunisian and Algerian actors, led by the well-known actress Mina for halves Mourad Oujit, Ahmed Zitouni and Souad Sobky from Algeria. From Tunisia, actresses Mona Noureddine, Jamal Al-Madani, Fathi Al-Maslamani, Chadli Al-Arfawi, Maryam Ben Mami and Firas Al-Obeidi.

The work is adapted from the Turkish series Luxurious loveComedy tells the story of an aristocratic family that lives through many events and struggles.

Big campaign against work

In conjunction with its presentation on the Algerian channel, the series is also shown on one of the Tunisian channels, and during the week of Ramadan achieved a high viewership in Algeria.

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And the series turned into a public and private conversation in Social networking sites in Algeriabecause of the bold scenes that he began showing after the fifth episode.

The controversy reached Friday sermons, where the imams of some mosques referred to the content of the sermon Ramadan Programs Which is shown through private channels, and they called on the authorities to intervene to stop what they considered a violation of the values ​​of society.

As a result, the content of the series became a subject of discussion in the parliament, where Parliamentarian Ezzedine Zahouf asked the Minister of Communication a written question regarding broadcasting such series during the month of Ramadan.

Representative Zhouf said that there are programs that contain scenes that are indecent and inconsistent with customs Algerian society It is broadcast during the holy month.

In the face of this campaign, the heroes of the series on the Algerian side preferred to remain silent and not to comment in any way.

Between moral decision and artistic criticism

Art critic and director Adel Mohsen said that stopping work in his locality due to the specificity of the month in which it is shown, stressing that stopping work reveals another aspect of the situation. Program chaos and dramas By marginalizing the role of the viewing committee in the channels.

On the other hand, the critic and professor at the University of Biskra, Mohamed El-Amin Bahri, believes that the Regulatory Authority is not a technical body, and the difference between its work and artistic criticism is vast.

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Bahri told Sky News Arabia: “The Regulatory Authority is a moral body that takes into account… general taste and values ​​in society and on this basis it issues its decisions.

Bahri confirmed that the control authority in Algeria, since it was established in 2016, has closed TV channels based on Ethical controls It is not technical.

Lamin pointed out that the technical reviewer does not focus on the ethical aspects, but rather cares about the content Scenario The dramatic structure and management of the actors.

The university professor said: “If the control authority was a technical body, it would not have ordered the suspension of works, whatever their technical level.”