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Algerian Foreign Minister: I have no knowledge of the air embargo against Morocco!

It seems that Ramtane Lamamra, the Algerian Foreign Minister, who was appointed under the pretext of reviving the assassinated diplomacy by the military’s policy, is nothing but a “pawn” in the game of “generals”, as it turned out that he was the last to know about the decision to close the country’s airspace to Moroccan civil and military aviation. After receiving the news through the local media, like the rest of the citizens.

According to the Maghreb Intelligence website, “the senior officials in the military command of the Algerian army did not consider it useful to consult Lamamra or ask for his opinion or even inform him in advance of such a brutal decision. During their meeting with the head of state, last Wednesday, in the capital.

The same source, quoting sources close to the Algerian Foreign Minister, stated that Lamamra, who was preparing for the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, “received a strong shock at the news through the local media, but he was keen to hide the slightest sign of panic or tension in places.” The public,” affirming his deep annoyance with the embarrassing and sensitive situation in which he found himself, which harms his credibility, and places him in an unfavorable position before the members of the international community in which he participates.

At a time when the Algerian diplomat was keen to present himself in front of his foreign interlocutors in New York, as a peaceful mediator and convinced of the need to resolve crises and violent tensions on the African continent, the “hostile” and “reckless” dictatorial decision of the Algerian Security Council came to place him in the box.” The warrior” who multiplies threats and attacks on the Kingdom of Morocco, according to the same source.

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Yusra Oweifi