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All the trump cards of an electric car, but without the long charging time. Fisker will replace the battery in European cars before you have time to drink your coffee –

California-based Fisker begins delivering the first cars to Europe. Soon we will see a revolutionary technology that will end the long wait for chargers.

When you buy an electric car today, chances are you’ll also get a smart card to use public chargers. While most owners can live with charge times, the secret dream is to simply get somewhere, replace a dead assembly with a new one, and be done in a matter of minutes. In the past, Elon Musk has talked about it, but hasn’t put the idea into practice, Nio can do it in China, and Fisker is making great progress in California.

He’s collaborating with manufacturer Ample on replaceable battery technology for the Ocean SUV. The project has been running since 2021, when the basic idea of ​​working with a battery like Lego was laid out. This means being able to change individual shoebox-sized units as building blocks. It’s a different approach than Chinese competitor Nio, which changes batteries as one big unit.

The exchange will take place in specialized centers, as the cars have not been adapted and tested so that the owner can carry out the exchange. This process is more demanding than replacing pencil batteries in a children’s toy, although the manufacturer is counting on such a platform in the future. However, the process should not take more than 10 minutes.

This novelty is aimed at company fleets whose managers want to switch to electric mobility, but do not want to risk economic or logistical compromises. The technology is particularly suitable for companies whose employees have a high turnover. Those interested are expected to see the first cars at the beginning of 2024. The private sector is not expected to be in the initial stage.

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The good news is that Europe is among the first destinations chosen. Nio has made a combined 20 million battery changes here and in China, and Fisker has already secured European homologation for its cars. The delivery of the first batch of cars will already begin this week.