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Alleged Google Pixel 7 Pro prototype appears on reddit

Alleged Google Pixel 7 Pro prototype appears on reddit

Another alleged Google Pixel 7 prototype has surfaced, this time from a Reddit user Who said they bought it on Facebook Marketplace. From the looks of it, it’s the Pixel 7 Pro, which according to Redditor AMC20_ is listed as the Pixel 6 Pro without a case. In fact, it is not the Pixel 6 Pro.

Google phones for her long story From Unusual leaks, but even by Pixel standards, that’s weird. It’s also the second time a Pixel 7 Pro prototype has surfaced in the past week. In case you missed the first episode of this saga, Someone listed a Pixel 7 prototype on eBay. As an Android expert Mishaal Rahman pointed outLooks like the pictures were taken Other The prototype unit – Pixel 7 Pro, which can be seen in the reflection on the glossy back panel of the phone. The person who bought the 7 Pro prototype on Facebook thinks his phone is the same one used to take these photos.

The buyer claims that this phone was advertised on Facebook Marketplace as a Pixel 6 Pro without a cover.
Photo: Reddit user AMC20_

The Google The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro phones were previously announced During his keynote speech at I/O last month, he revealed what the devices would look like and…no more. They’re likely to make their official debut in October with Android 13. These purported prototypes haven’t shed more light on what we can expect from the phones – only confirmation that they use a different modem than the Pixel 6 series and that it appears to come in a 256GB storage variant. and 12 GB of RAM.

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We probably won’t be able to learn more either. The alleged buyer of the prototype said that the phone was working fine until a few days ago when it appeared to be wiped remotely. Not surprisingly – if this was the original item, Google would have such protection in case the phone was lost. But looking at the Pixel series RecordIt probably won’t be long before we see another leak.